CTC A8 firmware problem

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I bought cheap CTC a8 plywood from Gearbest, I converted it into an aluminum frame and upgrade to Marlin 2.0 for safety and other.my z axis are 8mm threaded rods and the printer no longer works well.I ordered new lead screw but I will have to wait a month or two.Does anyone have stock firmware

the ctc appears to be an ANET A8 clone The motherboard you have shown certainly looks like a stock ANET A8 board

So you can download Marlin then go get the preconfigured Marlin config files from https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Configurations
and use the config files for ANET A8

( there's also a CTC folder that has a config for " i3 Mega 2560" This may also work but im not sure for which machine)

My motherboard is atmega 1284p not Mega2560.

I have no experience with 1284p boards sorry. I would recommend you ask in the ANET FB group or on the reprap forums

this might be helpful >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38PkynA1uGI&ab_channel=Crosslink
Good luck

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