A litlle help needed

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all well.
I am new on this... I need to make a cube with this measures: 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm, with a square hole in the centre, 1x1 cm.
I don't know how to make a prefored cube. Can you help me with this? If it's posible and you have time, please, if you can make it, send me the .stl file to : irradsl@­gmail.com.

  • must be (if posible) a solid perfored cube.

Thanks a million in advance!! Stay safe and have a nice days at Xmas.
Kind regards to all!

Easy to do yourself. Check out TinkerCAD.com, free, online, and super simple tool, great for quick simple models like this, and it's the perfect project to start and learn with.

Works a little different than the complicated CAD programs, in stead of manipulating lines, vertexes, and polygons, you combine simple shapes (and negative "holes" of them) to form more complex ones; just pull in the solid cube, resize it to suit, then make three "hole" rectangles of the right size and orientation, select them all, then use the 'align' tool to align it all together (align them to it), then 'combine', and export as stl.

If you need a bit more help check out the beginner tutorials on youtube. It's designed so kids can use it, so it really is super easy once you get the hang of the basics, and actually pretty powerful, if you can drag and drop things around you can do it.

Sometimes you get a shape that's notl "manifold" (basically has holes in the outer mesh), you can fix those by uploading them to autodesk's free online tool: https://service.netfabb.com/login.php

Good luck!

Hi M, thanks a million for your quick reply. I tried there somen days ago, but I didn't find the way to perfore the cube... And never find the time to pass to the "next level" ... Anyway, I have to do it myself. I will tell you all here when I get it.
Thanks for your help and instructions, they will be so helpfull.

Kind regards,

Here ya go.

Now go get and learn a CAD package, like SketchUp or TinkerCad....

Thanks a MILLION for such a quick reply and help!!
I have to find some time to learn. This is the "problem", but I will do it for sure.
Kind regards, Ignacio

Even though you got your cube, you might try "3d Builder" (comes with windows). While the others are really great and dynamic tools, I really like 3d builder for teaching people the basics of modeling.

You would simply insert a cube to your dimensions, then insert another cube with the cut out dimensions, place it, then click subtract, and you would have your design. Max of 1 minute for someone experienced, probably takes about 5 minutes to figure it out if you've never used it.