Help with a mind feald of replacement frames

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For a while have been looking for a metal frame for my prusa i3 pro b as my curent one is not streight and there for wint print 2 adjecent lines at 90 degrees or a circle.

I have found a few extruded aluminium kits on alibaba and such but as i cant print the parts for these kits it then makes it an expensive endevor to get these parts. i was wondering if anyone had a sugestion of a kit that includes all parts needed.

here is an example of the kit i found without the 3d printed parts


Ciao, se conosci le misure, fai un disegno con KAD e porti il file dove fanno taglio metallo al laser.

As long as the clone's dimensions are identical for Y axis rod spacing, Z axis stepper and rod spacing and optionally even the X axis rod spacing, it is very easy to replicate a Prusa Mk2s frame. The Upright frame, made of aluminum on a Prusa can easily be made from plywood, acrylic or metal while the lower frame is merely two large threaded rods joined at the ends by simple corner pieces and two smaller rods at each end. If you have a running printer, all of the plastic parts are easily downloaded and printed and the upright frame dimensions are easily obtainable. A trip to the hardware store for the rods and nuts and a piece of wood or plastic and you can be all set.

I was able to repurpose an old Acrylic anet a8 prusa clone using conduit pipes and printed parts. If you're looking for cheap its a viable option. The design I used is called EMT8 on this website. Of course I did add upgrades but it is now a very reliable printer which I run 1st before my original prusa or CR10s Pro, or Cr10s Max. It really does compete with them now.....

Thank you i hadn't thought of that yet sounds like a good idea just did some looking into it and came across this https://orballoprinting.com/en/home/233-tatara-steel-frame-anet.html might give it a go thank you for the help.

Just to clarify is the anet a8 the same sizing as the prusa.

Hey, so the anet A8 has a different build volume originally, but it is a Prusa clone.....In fact most clones will be different than an original prusa. Original is 250x210x200 and the a8 was 180x180x250 or something like that. You can adjust according to your printer