Can anyone tell me what I have and help me out?

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Ok, so I got what I was told was an Anet A8 from a website, (but one of the printed pieces says Prusa on it). It was taken apart and shipped to me. Not sure if what I have is really an Anet A8. I have gotten it together this far, but I am in need of a bit of help to finish it up.

There are 2 pictures of the progress so far, then the rest are parts that I just simply cannot figure out where they go or where to place them on the part I have already assembled. I can figure out what stepper motor goes to what part of the motherboard. I just can't figure out where the motherboard is supposed to be installed. I cannot figure out where the display is supposed to be mounted either. As for the rest of the pieces, I can't make heads or tails what to do with them either.

Any help, possible pictures or maybe files to print out on one of my other printers so as to provide something for the extra parts to fit on would be great!

Again, thank you for any help that you can provide!

Hi Not sure if this is the best place to get help. I think you'd get more response over on the discord 3D printing channel IMHO.

The pictures seem to show some kind of acrylic Prusa i3 clone much like the geetech acrylic offerings a few years back.
google search >> "acrylic i3 printer" That shows a couple of printers that look similar to what you have.

The Y bed rails assembly needs to move further back which will make the assembly more stable. You dont show any kind of extruder assembly. WHen in place the tip / nozzle of the extruder needs to be able to reach all parts of the bed and this will help you gauge how much further back the Y assembly needs to go.

The control board looks like a Melzi of sorts https://www.robotdigg.com/product/397/Reprap-Melzi-2.0-1284P?gclid=Cj0KCQjwof6WBhD4ARIsAOi65aizSGegN-Ua-vV6zPZKx9lPq3FI_G0QQHArHIrrkHOIPB7tncr9iwYaAkJfEALw_wcB

The black metal strips look like a Prusa Y frame upgrade for 4040 alu extrusions . Something like the "bear upgrade kit" They dont seem to fit your printer thou as theres no 4040 extrusions.

In future rename your photos to something shorter / simpler to make it easier to reference them!!

I will check out the link you posted about discord. Thanks for that.

I do think it is a Prusa clone. I can tell that it does have several mods done to it, but not sure if they were done right. The one part for the display cover does have Prusa on it, but it was obviously printed as an add on, not an original part for it. That means that if it fit, they might have just printed it and said the heck with it, (It's not even a good print, IMO, as it's falling apart).

It may well be a geetech acrylic as the controller board is actually made by geetech, (EDIT: It is a Melzi V2.0. Sorry!!!). I just don't have anything that it attaches to or a reference as to where it should be on the printer. It looks like the long piece with the fan on it may be the back, but there is no other piece. If I had something to print, I could do that, but without knowing what I have, I don't know where to look to see if someone has one to print.

I have the extruder assembly, I just didn't show it as I think I can figure that part out. But it's several parts cobbled together and also 3d printed. But I think it will work.

I wasn't sure about the black metal strips or the silver metal blocks as there were some "spare" parts that the person sent. So they may not go with this machine, but wasn't sure. Thanks for that info.

Sorry about the long names for the photos. I took them with my phone and I forgot to rename them before uploading them.

If you think of anything else, I would sure appreciate it. I would actually rather use the parts with a larger print then the one it has, if possible, but I'm not sure if that can be done or not. I thought that since the person I got it from said it was an Anet A8 it would have a larger print bed, but sadly, it didn't.

Again, thanks for the help and advice.