Using Acetone

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Hello, I’m looking to use acetone for smoothing and connecting parts. What PPE and application tools are you all using?

acetone is only really good for smoothing and connecting abs. in which you need to use a sealed container to allow the fumes to do the work of smoothing. for connecting pieces i would use a brush to apply to both parts before joining together. ppe as with any chemical is best to use gloves (make sure they are suitable for acetone many are not), eye protection and make sure it is used in a well ventilated area (preferable outdoors). not much else is needed. though always best to follow any recommendations on the bottle, as nail polish remover is acetone based and no ppe is required to use it.

But beware Not all nail polish remover is acetone and many contain additives !!
A good hardware store will have "pure" acetone or find a local fibre glass specialist and ask if you can but some ( they buy in bulk)

IF at all possible stay away from "heating" acetone Ive seen cases where people use rice cookers which IMHO is just an accident waiting to happen. Stay patient Stay safe!!

If you think post print smoothing is something you will be doing regularly then maybe consider a "POLYSHER" and filament from Polymaker.
Good luck