printer dosent work right

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i have a i3 pro b with touch i bought this in january and to this day i cant get it to work right it keeps moving home when you print it hits the table and the next it stays 6 in away its never the same it abrand nw gt 2560 board i used the download from this site and it just keeps doing the same thing it does take the new download of firmware but it seems to reright itself back i have parkensons so i need to get this fixed before i get any worse can you please help me
thanks cam

An i3 pro b? That was not made by Prusa, was it? It sounds like a Geetech name for a Prusa clone, probably of a very old model..
Geetech and other off-brand Prusa clones usually have poor support, poor quality hardware and poor design. This can be overcome if you have patience, time and resources.... and enjoy a challenge!

It sounds like you are having problems with the BL Touch bed leveling probe. You could try disabling it and going back to using manual bed leveling. That is something I can't help you with, as I have no experience with the gt2560 or the BL Touch. I'm afraid as it might involve hardware and firmware modifications.

If your machine is a Geetech or other off-brand printer and you have to ask for help, you might want to consider a better or at least a more well-known printer. Life is short, and if you don't enjoy the challenge a cheap printer presents, getting something better is usually the best choice.

It won't help you with this machine but more well known brands usually have good support, like Prusa, or at least a more widespread and helpful community, like Creality.
Prusa makes good printers at a moderate cost ("expensive" for some), while Creality makes cheap printers though not as cheap as Geetech.

Sorry I couldn't offer any better advice... Good luck!