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Fusion 360 vs Solid Works – Does Fusion 360 work?

by NKCubed

So I know EVERYONE uses solid works to design puzzles, and I don't mind the price, but I'm a Mac person so I would love to use Fusion 360 instead if the programs are comparable. Are they? Can you do puzzle design in Fusion 360 the same you would in solid works?

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How to put stickers on 3D printed puzzles

by TreacherousToast

Whenever I have put stickers on a 3D printed puzzle, they just fall off. Is there any technique to put them on better?

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Custom puzzle design <=> Patent?

by Mixomycetes

A while ago, I designed a 3D-model of a (very rudimentairy) skewb -with a ball core and 4 rotating fixed corners-, for training my 3D-design skills. After printing it (for non-commercial, own use) I'm quite happy with the result and I would not mind sharing the design files, so others may play, remix or learn from them. I'd love to give something back to this community
However, i noticed that there is a USA-patent from 1994, on a puzzle ball, but covering any shape mod, thus covering this type of puzzles (i think). Would publishing my stl-files be allowed by the patent *(Link to relevant patent: http://www.jaapsch.net/puzzles/patents/us5358247.pdf ) and/or by Thingiverse 's code of good conduct? I'm not so good with understanding legal texts...
How long are patents typically valid? 20 years? 25? Indefinitely?
Here some claim it's expired:
Was it renewed?
If it is ok/allowed:

  • Should i (in theory) ask permission to someone?
  • What licence should it minimally be given then? Is there a restriction?

Kind regards,
A confused soul

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how get smooth turns in our puzzles

by pycreembass

I´m trying to desing my own cubes (now im trying to desing and print a Smaz Time Machine) and i would like to know hoy you guys stablish the meassures in the pieces so after assemble them it turns smooth?

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The best way to put the hardware in twistypuzzles

by cuboxis

what is the best way to put the hardware?
Rcpongo way? The caps and center are the best problem.

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