Help with the master thesis - Search for interview partners

by Gamzec

Hello dear community,

I am a student at the Technical University of Darmstadt and in need of your help for my master’s thesis. I am examining the topic of explorative and exploitative behavior in online communities and want to understand your actions on Thingiverse and how they are influenced by your personality traits.

Therefore, I am currently looking for interview partners who are willing to tell me about their experiences on Thingiverse in a 30 to 40-minute interview.

Between the volunteers (approximately 10 participants) a 50€ Amazon voucher will be given away as a small thank you. If you are interested, I can also provide the results of my thesis to you. The interview is possible in English and in German. Your data will of course be treated confidentially and will only be used in connection with this thesis.

If I caught your interest, please sign up with your e-mail address to the following doodle list at your preferred time. Afterward, I will send you an invitation to the Zoom call. The doodle is in the Central European Time Zone, but everybody is very welcome to participate! It is first come, first serve.

Many thanks in advance!

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New 3d printable puzzles project !

by esparapse

Hi guys ! I'm Espartaco from Argentina, I'm working on a 3d printable puzzles like the photo ! I just wanted to know if you are interested on do some print-tests of them! They are super easy to print with no supports with a standar fdm printer... The idea is to add some colors of your choise to your make! Leave some comments with your email adress an I will send u more info and the .stl file ! It would be absolutely great to have some development on this ! Thankss !!!

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1x2x2 tolerance problems?

by saulquinn

I can't get my 1x2x2 puzzle to work. I tried increasing the gap, but it didn't work. Any ideas?
Here is the model:

1x2x2 Rubik's Cube
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My Triangle Twisty Puzzle

by mtb_3d

Hey, I created my own, unique twisty puzzle, and wanted some feedback for my next version. I haven't seen anything like it, so let me know what you people think!
Here's the link:
For a detailed explanation, check out my website: or my instagram @mtb_3d

Triangle Twisty Puzzle
by mtb_3d
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the pitcher insanity

by thegundamaster

Does some one rememeber if there was a stl file or a file of the pitcher insanity in thingiverse ?

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by TSP_Project

Welcome to the 3D Design competition

All you have to do is design a 3D Printed object, The object you design must at least fit one the themes :
I know this might not be massively relevant to this group but I hope some people might want to take part :).

Puzzle Challenge
Lamp That!
Collaborative Design.
Life Hack
Injury Assistance

Designs will be judged on : (Originality, Printability, the element of surprise)

The finalists will be released before the announcement of the winners to give the Community an opportunity to share their favourites in the comments, discuss concerns, and allow time for any testing or analysis. Feedback will be taken into consideration when picking the winners.

The Design must be uploaded to this THINGIVERSE group :
More Info,Rules & FAQ here :


Final submission : 20th of May.

Finalist Reveal : 25th of May.

Winners Reveal : 30th of May.

Prizes :

Amazon vouchers :

1st Place : $50

2nd Place : $20

3rd Place : $20

Good Luck!

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Soma cube variations generator

by Jrubia


Some years ago I created a website in which you can easily generate and download two variations of the soma cube. The key point it's that the puzzles are generated randomly so each time you download and print a puzzle you will get a new one. Now I was thinking about making a redesign of the website but there are no one using it so... I'm not sure that it worth it. I just want to share te page a little and receive feedback. I think that it's an interesting page, the puzzles are challenging but not impossible and it's totally free.

I have 2 variations Infernal Box ( this is the easy one) and Paranoia Cube ( bit harder ), and you can generate your own in It's possible generate bigger and more difficult puzzles but it takes a while computing so, by the moment, there are just so 2 puzzles.

The website it's What do you think? Would be worthy put some effort on the page? Do you like the idea?

Infernal Box Puzzle
by Jrubia
Paranoia Cube
by Jrubia
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how get smooth turns in our puzzles

by pycreembass

I´m trying to desing my own cubes (now im trying to desing and print a Smaz Time Machine) and i would like to know hoy you guys stablish the meassures in the pieces so after assemble them it turns smooth?

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