how get smooth turns in our puzzles

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I´m trying to desing my own cubes (now im trying to desing and print a Smaz Time Machine) and i would like to know hoy you guys stablish the meassures in the pieces so after assemble them it turns smooth?

post finishing is also very important to get smooth operation. I sand every piece smooth after printing, but this process is very time consuming (around 10 hours of sanding per puzzle)

For a basic 3x3 mechanism you can get by with 0 tolerances between the pieces. If you do a complete sanding it will also remove material creating a small amount of tolerances. In my own puzzles, the sanding process removes about .1mm from the surface.

Trial and error. Print a couple parts, test fit them, repeat until you have the quality you want! Different printers will behave differently - I always add an extra .15mm in some places on my designs, because that's the number that works best for my printer.

Generally, tolerances are only crucial when you have "ridges" in your pieces - for a no-frills 3x3 mechanism (like the one that will exist inside your Time Machine), you could get away with having no tolerances at all.

you need to test the perfect space betwen the pieces (clearance), for example, print something like this, then you use that measure in your puzzles, for example, for my printer and slicer its 0.2 mm.

Ultimate clearance calibration test