i am a new creator what should i do

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Wikipedia: noob:
... while a "noob", refers disparagingly to an under-talented hacker or gamer who lacks the determination to learn.[10]
sorry, then I can't help you.

also originally a shortened version of new-comer, which was then shortened to "newbie" then shortened to "newb" then alternated between "newb" and "noob" and "n00b" , I get ahead of the times now and just refer to the next obviously shortened version where they`re all known as "nob"s :)

translating 'noob' this way is not my idea. It's written at wikipedia.
You may look at this group:
and you will find no discussion. Same way, you will get no successful answer.
Idea: download things, print it and publish a 'I made one'. View groups: and select some things.
Do you like to help me designing? I'm working at 'noncircular gears' It can be used as example for gears or fidget spinner toy. Also, I'm working at 'Rubik cube', very different shapes. Look for photo, youtube, mass production in shop with no equivalent .STL files and design this. Sometimes, there are old patents (>30year), so it is free, and if you don't sell, then it's free in every case.

Truthfully wasn't going to reply to that, but had a look at this Wikipedia (have seen it, never really needed it), and it blew my mind when I virtually got it word for word (though weirdly was directed straight to Newbie, didn`t ask it to) I was using those words back in the day (along with swearing that was taken as banter back then :), and was genuinely taking a long way round to a "nob" gag, my replies to the OP are jokey because to me its like someone saying, they bought a hammer, what should they build?. Can only hope the OP finds a reason for their purchase. :)

The dry humour doesn't work in this world I've tried it :) you'll have your joke explained to you (like you didn't get it), then you'll move to comments about making devices that make whooshing noises just above head level (which won't be gotten), then for reasons you can't remember you too will be resorting to nob gags and smilie faces, then be admonished for making too many references to nobs.
Oh god, Unless you were serious in which case I am a Nigerian prince in need of a small loan as my Ferrari has been impounded and so I`m stuck using just 2 of my Lamborghini's please send me £100,000 so my children can eat. Please help I am nob, noob, n00b, nope was right the first time :)

Votre Excellence, mon roi, mon prince!
Je suis aussi du Nigeria. Parlons en français, s'il vous plaît.

bonjour, mon cheri, mes enfants vont avoir faim, et vous faites des blagues, cela doit signifier que vous, mon petit pois, avez mon argent, oh c'est merveilleux

Become a super hero? Swimsuit model? rabbit juggler? ninja? I'm trying, but you really should broaden your question, it would be a real help if you could be a bit less specific :)

make a 3x3. lots of tutorials on youtube

What are your interest.

Since you say you are a "noob" i challenge you to make a puzzle of some sort, (box, sphere, shape of any kind, locking mechanism's, etc. whatever you can think of) but make something that people need YOU to tell them the answer to. For two reasons: 1) the ones who want to know, they will always be back, and 2 the ones who don't want to know..... Will always regret not wanting to know