1x2x2 tolerance problems?

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I can't get my 1x2x2 puzzle to work. I tried increasing the gap, but it didn't work. Any ideas?
Here is the model:

1x2x2 Rubik's Cube

try using "magic" numbers for layer height and small layers. for Creality the Z "magic" numbers are multiples of 0.04. so for Creality printers 0.12mm layers may work. I'm thinking that there's some over-shoot on the Z from too thick of layers. also check the horizontal tolerance. I made a nice way of doing this that allows for loose and tight measurements:

edit: try not to cause too much squish on the first layer (elephants foot).

Tolerance Brick

please describe the problem. What the puzzle is doing? Do you have photo of printed object? look here: print this to see gap.

Rubik's 2x2x3 blocked
by faggahz

The problem is that i'm having trouble turning it as well as there is a visible bend under the stress of being held together.