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Kynar® PVDF Filaments Available

by hpfisher

Nile Polymers is pleased to announce the availability of the following Kynar® PVDF filaments:

Fluorinar-H™ Homopolymer - 1.75 mm
Fluorinar-H™ Homopolymer - 2.85 mm
Fluorinar-C™ Copolymer - 1.75 mm
Fluorinar-C™ Copolymer - 2.85 mm
Fluorinar-B™ Black - 1.75 mm
Fluorinar-B™ Black - 2.85 mm
Fluorinar-ESD™ Anti-Static - 1.75 mm
Fluorinar-ESD™ Anti-Static - 2.85 mm

This engineering thermoplastic easily prints on consumer-grade systems. Our filaments adhere well to a glass build plate coated with a thin layer of Elmer's disappearing purple glue. Some printing guidelines include:

  1. Hot end at 260 C
  2. Build plate at 100 C
  3. Print speed at 20 - 40 mm/sec

All filaments made by Nile Polymers are both 100% Kynar® and 100% PVDF!

Come see us at nilepolymers.com

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