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Draken - QIDI X-Plus X-Max Fan Duct

by humebeam

Just a quick notice I've published my "Draken" fan duct for the X-Plus and X-Max, feel free to give it a try. You need the new extruder carriage.


Draken - QIDI X-Plus X-Max Fan Duct
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Extracted UI image files

by Funkton

UI graphics extracted from the UI_4_3-Single X-Max firmware bin file.
Extracted using https://github.com/Photonsters/UIextractor

With these we can make modifications to the LCD UI. Ideally it would be nice to create a high contrast theme which can overcome the washed out look of the LCD and more clearly define button vs label icons.

This would most likely be compatible with the X-Plus printer as well.

If anyone wants to post their customized graphics I would be happy to recompile and test on my spare motherboard.

Chitu qidi Qidi_Tech X-max X-Plus
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error -- please check that the sd card /U disk hAS been inserted

by liricsdota

If you have windows 10 and you are formate USB drive on your computer , you might get this error in a QIDI PRINT program " write error, please check that the sd card /U disk hAS been inserted" -- if you are trying to transfer file by wifi or if you transfer file directly to USB drive 3d print can not recognized flash card -- it's looks empty inside then you are choose "print" on a QIDI touch screen.

How to fix
It's happened because your USB driver -- GPT format.

So, to fix this problem you are need windows 7 (just format on a old computer) or download Rufus 2.18

  1. Select your USB driver
  2. Choose MBR (BIOS and UEFI)
  3. FAT32 - default.
  4. size - default
  5. unselected
    After formate QIDI 3D MAX will work with your USB flash driver again...
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Broken MOBO/Ribbon Cable

by DoublePipeClassic

Hi everyone,

While printing with the high temp extruder a couple nights ago I heard my extruder fan turning on and off constantly while printing. Went over to check it out and the nozzle temp reading on the LCD was jumping between 0 & 1000°C . After stopping the print I restarted the machine and ambient nozzle temp was reading 700°C. Per tech support I swapped out the standard extruder and it was reading the same.

Based on this info they informed me that either my MOBO or extruder cable is broken and they are going to ship me new parts to replace them.

Has anyone else had this issue? Just curious if something could have caused this to happen or if it was just a random failure. Machine is only 2 months old

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Optimized Start and End Gcodes

by Funkton

What are your start and end code modifications? Here is what I've come up with in order to optimize the X-Max start routines.

There were a few main reasons I did not like the original Qidi start code.

  • It would tell the head to move 1000 in both the x and y, which would only stop according to the firmware size settings. On my printer the head was actually hitting the left side frame.
  • Going all the way to the left also compressed the ribbon cable against the gantry mount. That adds unnecessary wear on the fairly fragile ribbon cable.
  • Starting from the left, then all the way to the right in order to prime a line back to the left tended to get strings everywhere and started making a mess of the nozzle.
  • Overall it didn't seem like there were any good reasons for the start sequence they used.

My start code aims the solve these issues.

  • First it sets the print and bed temperatures
  • Then it homes all axis
  • Moves the head on Y to the front
  • Move the bed halfway up
  • Printer waits for all temperatures to be reached
    • During this time, the print head and bed are in a good location to clean and inspect (not sure if this is the case with the enclosure on, I keep my frame completely bare)
  • Filament is primed 2mm (This is set because my end code does a 3mm retract at the end of a print to get the filament out of the melt zone and during cool down)
  • Bed is raise to first layer height while the head moves slightly right (if your build plate is on correctly there will be just enough room that ooze is caught on the edge before the prime move)
  • Head moves left while priming and then starts printing.


  • Maximum acceleration and feedrates are set
  • Retraction acceleration set

  • Z bed and extruder jerk limits set

In Cura there is no way to specify extrusion or z accel/jerk, so i added the commands to the start code. You can always remove that section at the bottom and it should print fine.

Note: If you are using the Qidi print version of Cura, change the X150 to X5. This will make the prime line go all the way to the left before the print advance line starts. I changed this because my bed/plate has a bump right where the detent in plate is, causing the line to be become so thin it was getting hard to remove.
From: G1 X150 A13 F2400 to
To this: G1 X5 A13 F2400


G92 A0 B0 ; Not sure what they use A and B for
M140 S{material_bed_temperature_layer_0}
M104 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0} T0
G28 X0 Y0 Z0 ; Home XYZ
G0 X250 Y4 F1800 ; Move head to front
G1 X250 Y4 Z150 F3600 ; Move bed to midway
M190 S{material_bed_temperature_layer_0} ; Wait for temps
M109 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0} T0
G92 E0
G1 E2 F300 ; Move filament to melt zone
G92 E0 ; Set extruder position to 0
G92 A0 B0 ; Not sure why they are repeating this
G0 X300 Y4 Z{layer_height_0} F3600
G1 X150 A13 F2400
G92 A0 B0 ; And again not sure why they are repeating this, but left it from default

M201 X1000 Y1000 Z200 E1000 ; sets maximum accelerations, mm/sec^2
M203 X200 Y200 Z10 E120 ; sets maximum feedrates, mm/sec
M204 P1000 R1000 T1000 ; sets acceleration (P, T) and retract acceleration (R), mm/sec^2
M205 Z0.20 E5.00 ; sets the jerk limits, mm/sec

M201 X1000 Y1000 Z200 E1000 ; sets maximum accelerations, mm/sec^2
M203 X200 Y200 Z10 E120 ; sets maximum feedrates, mm/sec
M204 R1000 ; sets retract acceleration (R), mm/sec^2
M205 Z0.20 E5.00 ; sets the jerk limits, mm/sec


G92 Z0 E4 ; Set z and e positions
G0 Z10 F600 ; Move print down 10mm from nozzle
M104 S0 ; Turn off heater
M140 S0 ; Turn off bed heater
G1 E-3 F300 ; Retract filament to keep from cooking in melt zone
G0 Z300 F600 ; Lower the bed

Please keep in mind that I offer no guarantee that this code won't damage your machine. There are multiple hardware revisions of the X-max and I cannot account for any of them but my own.
Use at your own risk.

March 25, 2020

  • Remove home action from end code. I like to clean off the nozzle when it's done. It homes in the start code so why add it again at the end?
  • Changed right corner start position to 250 instead of 290. Gives more room to clean and inspect nozzle.
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