My Bed will not go up

by felixatreides

This morning I tried to autolevel. The bed went up about 1" and stopped. Same thing happens when it prints. Bed will not go up. Tried a factory reset by it did not help. Any suggestions

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Qidi Max ticking and clogs

by Miamijerry

Ticking of the extruder means that the PTFE tube is starting to clog, I have Low Temp hotend, High temp hotend with PTFE and All metal hotend
They all would clog. Had the most success with the Low Temp Hotend, and when the ticking would start, change the PTFE and nozzle.

Then I did these two modifications;

50mm extruder fan with re-directed fan duct
X Max Hotend Fan Duct by Pardner - Thingiverse


Second 50mm fan mounted where the "Parts Cooler Blower" normally mounts. Cooling the Stepper.

No more clogs, hours and hours of prints.

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Thinking Of Changing the Motherboard

by NexGen-3D-Printing

As the topic indicates, I'm thinking of changing the motherboard in this X-Max to something else.

I'm pretty much over the Chitu (should be called Shitu) board that's in it, its noisy, its locked down, Octoprint doesn't work well with it and I cant use Klipper.

I have spare Bigtreetech E3 RRF board, it can run Reprap, Marlin and Klipper, I think before I start to mod any more hardware in this printer, I would like to see how well it can actually perform with a nice control board in it.

Would anyone like me to post pics and a how too on this?

I will most likely replace the mainboard, install a RPI 4, camera, and a RPI touch screen for Klipper, along with a BL-Touch, and a Gyro sensor.

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QidiPrint prints were better than Cura

by jms1

I've been using Cura on Linux for a long time with my X-max. (The Ulitmaker modern version of Cura) It works. But yesterday I booted Windows and printed some things using QidiPrint. I used the same basic settings for temperature, layer height, infill. The QidiPrint prints were noticeably better, especially the supports and first layer.

Not sure how I can replicate that in Cura. Copy every single setting over by hand I guess. Any ideas? thx

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Stock feed tube setup

by jms1

I'm having some uneven extrusion that I suspect might be filament dragging on the feeder setup. How do you guys have yours setup? It comes with a long tube and a short tube for where the filament goes through the body. One end has a metal bushing. I used the long tube with the metal end towards the outside of the printer.

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Firmware Versions

by Funkton

I'm curious what everyone's X-Max is running firmware wise. Qidi tech support told me I was on the latest, but my machine was built early 2019.

Version information can be accessed from the System->About menu.

Mine is currently

Version:v4.2.6.5 /W0.0.0
UI: Blue+ 1.0

EDIT: 20-01-07

  • Added firmware package as received from Qidi support. I would recommend saving your current configuration with the M8512 command first instead of running their stock, just to make sure your settings don't change.

Instructions from Qidi:
Please put these files on the USB drive home page, do not put them in the folder.
Power off the printer,then insert the USB drive,reopen the printer.
1.print the "update.qd"file. It will restart the screen and makes " dididi" sound.
2.print the "UI_4_3-Single.bin" file
3.print the "wifiUpdate_full_V10.0.12.bin" file
4.print the "PLUS X-MAX Config.gcode” file

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by Fatmuppet

I have had my X-MAX for about a month now and I'm really enjoying it but I was considering paying for Simplify3D does it make much difference to print quality?
Any advice welcome, thanks

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The motor of the extruder overheats (QIDI TECH X-MAX)

by andrea_pro


i have this problem with mi QIDI Tech X-Max and I can't fix it. When I start a print, after a few minutes the motor overheats and the filament no longer escapes from the nozzle.


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Filament skipping

by MVano

I have a problem with Qidi x-MAX.
The nozzle heats up and starts printing. After the third layer, the filament starts to jump every time. With head No. 1 and No. 2.
I need help. Rushes to.
Thank you.

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