The motor of the extruder overheats (QIDI TECH X-MAX)

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i have this problem with mi QIDI Tech X-Max and I can't fix it. When I start a print, after a few minutes the motor overheats and the filament no longer escapes from the nozzle.


If you are still having problems. Pardner made a mod that might help you. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4435233?fbclid=IwAR0xnS1AIIz8O8qGskmDlmQ1mFuPxAXnucncnRdY8d7yUoOi_fHscZTDx3E

X Max Hotend Fan Duct
by Pardner

Sounds like a clog. Which filament are you trying to print and at what temps? Normal or high temp extruder?

PLA will clog your high temp extruder for sure, it's only meant to be used with PC, Nylon etc, it's not compatible with PLA. If it's the normal extruder you may have to clean the extruder, it's also possible some filament is stuck in the gear which will make it slip so it's not extruding.

Also, make sure your extruder cooling fan is working. If it's not you can have that issue (if so, PCB failure likely).

I have problem with overheating of extruder motor. I know how to solve it, but i need help. When i started slow print with low flow of filament, extruder motor will start overheating. The tepreature from the motor will start melting filament a then the filament stuck. So after some minutes from print start, it will stop printing correctly. To solve this problem i need to lower the voltage on the extruder motor, but i dont know how. So i will be grateful if you will help me.
Thank you.