Pause Octoprint for filament change?

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I have a X-max and since some days connected via the usb TTL with an RPI4.
The first prints are working good.
Also on the RPI there is a filament sensor connected.

The Idea know is, that if the filament sensors throws an error, that the printer would react as the print was paused for a filament change.

For my understanding what I need:
Gcode for:

  • save last printing position
  • stop extruder
  • cool down extruder
  • move into a filamen change position

Then I would do the filament change via the Printer Touch

and after the change the gcode for the resume:

  • resume print

Thanks in advance

Have you had any trouble lately with your Octoprint?

Mine was working just fine for a few days, but now it wont start any prints and I cant command the printer to preheat?