Filament skipping

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I have a problem with Qidi x-MAX.
The nozzle heats up and starts printing. After the third layer, the filament starts to jump every time. With head No. 1 and No. 2.
I need help. Rushes to.
Thank you.

There's a problem with my printer that I can't handle. The printer starts printing normally and everything is fine. But after a while (each time different) the filament feed begins to skip. It doesn't print.
Mostly, if it happened, it was a burnt or damaged Teflon tube. All I had to do was replace it and I kept pushing. But that doesn't help. It doesn't help to replace the nozzle with a new one, change the temperature, cool the extruder, cool the print, change the manufacturer of the fillament, just nothing. I did everything I thought I could and yet I don't print.
Sometimes it starts soon after the start of printing, but sometimes after hours, when I think it will go well.
My printhead has MK10 nozzles. The tube is inserted into the nozzle all the way to the hole in the tip. The other side of the tube rests on the plastic part of the filament feeder. The tube is a total length of 45 mm. I tried even longer to improve the tightness in the places of support in the nozzle and on the other side. But also shorter if it does not need more molten material in the nozzle. Nothing. still same.
The head looks something like this: https://www.3djake.cz/qidi-tech/extruder-1

Can't think of anyone else who can cause it? How to fix it?

Hooray, I found it. Weak extruder fan. The filament warmed up, softened, and skipped.
Fixed by increasing the air flow.

It is bad. One day of printing without a problem. It started skipping again. Cooling is more efficient and yet it does. I'm already desperate for that. Don't know what to do with it? Much please.

The printer prints Such "scars". I have no idea what to do with it. I've been trying to improve it for two weeks now and it's not working. Don't know how to improve it? I only use Simplify3D. Thank you very much for your help.

Does the extruder make a clicking sound? You would feel the filament jump.

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