Filament Run Out Sensor

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For those that are not aware, Qidi have an official filament sensor for the X-Max, mine just arrived, I just finished installing it, but I made some mods while I was doing.

I hate the way they set this printer up with filament locations, I hate using the top mount as it tangles all the time, and the internal one, which is my preference, is shocking on the slap happy way they expect you to run the filament.

So if you look at my pics, you can see what I did, fitted the sensor inside, and run some PTFE tube to make the filament feed in and out nicely, drilled a hole in the back and run it out side then back in, it works much better now.

If you pick up the sensor (ebay US site) just email Qidi support and they will send you an install video and an updated firmware to support the sensor.

No more dramas on big prints !
I've been running the runout sensor for a couple of weeks now and have been meaning to post a topic on here about it,
It's a bit of a brick and my shiny PLA runs rough through it, like sand paper. I usual print in ABS on the X-Max and that slide through like butter.
Definitely with getting for the price and the firmware update. I've managed to use all of my almost finished filament roles without having to baby sit the machine.

That's a great accessory for the printer. I've ordered one and hope to receive it by christmas. I'm really looking forward to the bed leveling you referenced in another message. That's pretty exciting.

Christmas? where are you? Mars?

I'm in AU and it only took about 2 weeks to get here.

Just joking. It sometimes feels like forever, especially considering the same day and next day deliveries from Amazon in the US.

Arh sarcasm, yes, ebay is pretty bad these days, Amazon in AU is super fast in comparison, still not as good as the US.