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I have had my X-MAX for about a month now and I'm really enjoying it but I was considering paying for Simplify3D does it make much difference to print quality?
Any advice welcome, thanks

Simplify 3D is outdated and not worth your money. Stick with Cura, take the time to learn the program and experiment with settings.

Thanks I think I have come round to that way of thinking, I think was was just looking for an easy way to improve things, I know I need to just play around with different settings any idea where I can buy some patience?

I tried it but there was almost no difference. For me, Cura works best with the X-Max.

I've had my X-Max for a good bit longer, perhaps ten months or more. I've been using S3D from day one, especially as QIDI provides for a profile for that software. Unfortunately, I can't comment on quality, as it is the only program I have used for all my FFF printers. S3D is quite pricey, but I already had a license, so I didn't have to justify the expense.

If you'd like to experiment, consider to send me an STL file with your desired temperatures, speeds and feed rates and I'll load that into S3D and send you the X-Max g-code for your comparison.

Hi thanks for the response and the offer, I have been looking up more info and I've realized I should play around with more settings before splashing out(I had a Dremel 3D40 before and really didn't play around enough). I have just managed to get my X-Max set up on the full version of Cura and am going to try and learn more how to improve things(so far things have got worse but that is still a start).
Thanks again