Stock feed tube setup

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I'm having some uneven extrusion that I suspect might be filament dragging on the feeder setup. How do you guys have yours setup? It comes with a long tube and a short tube for where the filament goes through the body. One end has a metal bushing. I used the long tube with the metal end towards the outside of the printer.

Honestly, the way they run the filament in this thing is a joke, I printed off a separate stand with bearings, purchase 2 meters of transparent PTFE tube 3mm inside and 4mm outside and I run that from out side straight to the extruder, they call it a reverse Bowden setup, I also run a length inside for the hotbox setup, but I drilled a hole in the back of the outer plastic body and I run it outside and then straight to the extruder.

The way they have it setup from factory is terrible, the filament drags and catches on everything.

For about the last month I have been using this
I've been pleased with it and it also makes changing filament much easier(my printer is in a cupboard and it is hard to get to the spool holder).

Qidi X Max SELF CENTERING Filament Spool Holder
by Jfruits