X-MAX 3D Printer, firmware and now can't find ip address

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This printer was unused for about a year due to firmware shortcomings. I just updated the firmware and now it has a picture menu. That's Okay, but I can't find the IP address of the machine.

How do I find the IP Address?

Using the Tools icon, select Internet. This will present either your current IP address, or will allow you to configure the connection to establish one.

I thought that would be the case but nothing in that menu screen is able to be changed. It appears with no data in it anywhere, all lines are blank.

I suspect the update was somehow incomplete.

When I access the noted page, the only field which allows editing is the top one, which appears to represent the router's SSID. Once filled in, the other fields are populated (my best guess). This is, of course, the wireless, as I've not tampered with the wired aspect and cannot comment.

That's the problem, I can't edit that top line, or any line on that page for that matter. I have asked QIDI for help.