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Warping/bed Leveling/New Bed

by EP_Prints

I cant seem to get the bed level right and the bed is kind of old any tips on bed leveling/buying a new bed

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Printer Continously Jamming

by dmgraciano

Hi everyone,
Lately I've been having issues with my printer where it jams in the middle of a print. I've tried multiple things to prevent the printer from clogging, but it seems even if it successfully prints once, subsequent prints fail. I have a qiditech X-one 2, and recently a couple of the fan's blades broke. Here's some pictures of the printer currently jammed as well as the attempts I've made to fix it and observations I've seen (I only print in PLA):

1.) I've printed at multiple different temperatures, 190C, 200C and 210C, even 230C and they all eventually end in failure.

2.) The picture I show is from the most recent jam I pulled out of the printer. One of the things I've noticed is that whenever it jams, the jammed plastic has teeth marks on it. I'm not sure if this is causing the jam, or if it's because of the jam but the extruder is struggling to send out the plastic. Along with this, there's a large gash further down.

3.) One of my theories was that high humidity might have been effecting the plastic, so I dehydrated my PLA using a food dehydrator at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 hours. I also wonder if dust has affected the PLA but I'm not sure myself. At this point I've gone through enough of the PLA that any part of it covered with dust should be gone now

4.) I attached another photo that shows this recent jam, and the thing it was printing. Whenever it jams, sometimes it thumps and sometimes it doesn't. Either way I'm pretty sure this just means the extruder is failing to extrude

5.) One last note, the printer normally extrudes at 50mm/s, I normally boost this to 60mm/s, but it looks like changing it to the default doesn't usually change anything, it still jams, and it was printing at 60mm/s fine before it started jamming.

Any advice you guys can offer would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Is there a mod for the always on fan?

by Pilotkid2015

Hello all, has anyone made any mods to the fan that is always on to make it quieter when idle?

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Heat Break

by BrayChristopher

I have been having a lot of heat creep issues lately.

The filament gets soft above the aluminum heat break and below the feeder, and boom jam.

Are there any good mods to help improve the performance of the heat break block?

I have seen people install E3D hot ends anf Titan hot ends, but I was hoping there were some other more subtle options.


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X- one [2] belt replacement?!?

by jonnyplastic

Hey, all! The plastic connection point for the y-axis belt broke. I have glued it back on and am trying to reattach the belt, but it's a mother to stretch back into place. Are there any directions out there for replacing a belt?

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