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Simplify 3D and Qidi X-One 2

by jonnyplastic

Is there a good place to find the printer presets (machine settings) for the X-One 2?

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Qidi tech-one 2 build plate upgrade?

by Jayman79

Hello all,

I just received a QIDI Tech-One 2 That I got off eBay and totally love the simplicity of it. I do have one question. Are you able to upgrade the build plate to a larger one?

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QiDi X-ONE Cancel and save Gcode?

by SMenn

I'm hoping to find a gcode command I can send to the printer that will achieve the same thing as pressing the cancel button and saving current location.

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Qidi Tech X-one 2 and flexible filaments

by JeffSullins

I'm thinking about trying out some flexible filament, but not sure the x-one can handle it. Can anyone share their experience with a flexible filament on this printer? Interested in the good and the bad...

flexible_filament Qidi_Tech_X-One
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