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Hood for xone2

by frank10

Is there a top hood available and/or has anyone built one for the qidi xone2?

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Qidi x-one 2 is not feeding.

by jonnyplastic

My x-one 2 is clicking when it tries to feed. I am able to push the filament through with my hand, but the feeding mechanism just clicks. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Changing filament

by tjf9


tl;dr: What's the best way to change filament in this machine?

Total 3d printing newbie here. Got my X-one on Monday and was up and running in no time. Today, I wanted to change the filament from the one that came with the printer to a red one I had bought at the same time. There don't appear to be instructions in the "manual" (the short pdf that came on the SD card), so I Googled and saw there seemed to be 2 ways: reverse and replace, or push new after old.

I tried to push the new after old and just ended up with a clogged nozzle (at least there's a good YouTube video out there on how to fix that). That was a pain to fix and I don't want to have to do it every time I change filament. So I'm guessing I really should reverse out the old and replace it with new.

Just so I don't mess it up again, I wanted to make sure I know the procedure on the X-one. Here's what I think I do - can someone correct my errors?

  1. Preheat the extruder to the high end of tolerance for the material (220 for the pla that came with the machine)
  2. Release the sheath covering the filament leading to the print head
  3. Reverse the filament a few times (using the up arrow on the screen that shows up when you navigate to tools-->filament) until you can pull out the filament from above the machine (where it first entered)
  4. Load new filament just like on a new machine.

Is that right? Are there any other tricks to doing this easily?


ps replacement filament is Hatchbox PLA 1.75. My original changeover issue wasn't related to bad filament, just bad technique. :)

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Qidi x-one 2 Impromptu spool holder for all sized hubs

by jonnyplastic

I got ahold of some ABS filament with the smaller hub size. 33mm instead of 55mm. Doesn't fit on the stock Qidi holder. My solution may be old hat to some of you, but a 10mm x 80mm bolt makes a great, universal spool holder with a lower profile than Qidi's.

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Uneven first layers?

by jonnyplastic

I've been getting some weird, uneven first layers on my Qidi x-one [2] (photos attached). The bed is level. Any thoughts on what might be causing it?

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