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X-One2 Amazingness

by FactorX12

Do you know Maker's Muse? If you do, you probably know the "Snowflake lattice": https://gumroad.com/makersmuse/ (go to the super complex red print in an outside setting). I wanted to test my printer, (X-one2, if you forgot) and the print didn't fit into the build volume. So, I scaled it down by about 20%. It took 9 hours, but it printed successfully, at full speed, sliced with the slicer that comes with the QIDI X-one2. Oh yeah, Maker's muse mentioned that he tried it with all of his printers, and none of them was able to print it. Just so you know, I'm not bragging about my printer, I'm simply saying that the printer has this capability, so everyone can try it, if you want to.

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First Custom Print Issues

by jkwacha

I just got my new X-one2 a few days ago and am having troubles printing both custom and pre loaded prints. The pre loaded sheet and rectangular prism both end up coming off the bed and moving around. The bigger and main problem is that I haven't been able to print a custom design yet. I tried using Ultimaker Cura to create a G Code to save onto the SD card and run on the printer. The extruder will go through some motions when printing a custom part, but will ultimately end up going to the back right corner and beeping/buzzing/grinding to no end. That must be a problem with the G Code right? I'm very frustrated, as I just got this printed and haven't been able to print anything but a 4x4 sheet..

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Wood PLA on X-One?

by KeatonC

Curious if anyone has tried using any of the wood pla blend filiaments on the stick nozzle of the QIDI X-One and what that experience was like?

wood filament Wood_PLA
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What is causing my fan to run at 100% all the time?

by korukyu

This is my part cooling fan, the one on the left of the extruder. It never used to come on when I turned on the printer, but now it starts immediately and runs at 100%. During a print, I can't adjust the fan speed in either the gcode nor using the touchscreen on the printer itself.

I thought it was faulty wiring, but I replaced the fan and I'm seeing the same behavior.

For now, my PLA tactic is to start with that fan unplugged, then hopefully remember to come back after the first couple of layers and turn it on. I've ruined more than a few prints with my forgetfulness.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what's going on?

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by mikebald

After lots of trial and error I've been able to get Octoprint working with my X-One. I prefer the client-side slicer, I use Cura, so I'm only uploading the G-Code to the printer. I had found that Octoprint doesn't give the X-One time to heat up initially, so while the X-One is heating up and going to it's home position, Octoprint continues sending commands and the X-One promptly ignores them. This is problematic because once the X-One is ready it ends up starting the print many G-code commands in vs starting at the beginning. The fix is very simple: Preheat the bed & extruder before starting a print. That's accessible through Octoprint's UI so it's very simple. Then once the preheat is done I start my g-code print and everything is fine. I print with a raft, so if there's a slight delay at the start it's not noticeable, but I've had great results and I'm happy that I don't have to move my SD card back and fourth anymore.

tl;dr; Preheat extruder & bed prior to printing on Octoprint

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