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Ambient Temperature effects. Extruder & Y Axis Motor

by JCCopyrights

Hi guys

It is being a very hot summer in spain, and I think the temperature is causing trouble in my 3D Prints
The temperature of the 3d Printer's room fluctuates between 32ºC-35ºC
In long prints the cold end of the extruder gets clogged and/or the Y axis of the machine stops working.
Does the stepper drivers of the machine have any kind of temperature protections and anyway to regulate the power?
Has anybody make modifications to improve the heat dissipation of electronics and extruder?
Does anybody know the model of the driver?

Thanks =D

malfunctions template underextrusion y-axis
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Cooling fan

by ndisalvo

Does anyone know where to get a replacement cooling fan for Qidi tech X-one 2 I need the front one not the side one
I have contacted Qidi and will post their reply.

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Octoprint with Qidi Tech X one 2

by JCCopyrights

Hello everybody.
I have just finished configuring a Octoprint server for my printer.
It seems to work fine, but sometimes it starts the print in the air, when i try again the same gcode
it starts normally.
Has anyone experienced same problems with Octoprint?.

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Thermal Runaway

by BrayChristopher

Does anyone know if the firmware for the Qidi X-One (and later generations) protects against thermal runaway?

If the temp sensor in the hot block breaks, falls out, goes bad, what happens?

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Qidi Tech X-One Firmware - latest with update logs?

by gmerck

For those of us that don't do Facebook and aren't following Qidi Tech, is there, or can we start, a thread with the latest known firmware for the X-One? I am pretty certain there have been a few updates since I last updated the firmware (currently on 1.3.18m4).
Ideally, it should be a pretty standard format...

Rec'd Date:
Updates included (if known):
Link to Firmware:

Hope this helps keep things up to date!

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