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Qidi Tech X-One Firmware - latest with update logs?

by gmerck

For those of us that don't do Facebook and aren't following Qidi Tech, is there, or can we start, a thread with the latest known firmware for the X-One? I am pretty certain there have been a few updates since I last updated the firmware (currently on 1.3.18m4).
Ideally, it should be a pretty standard format...

Rec'd Date:
Updates included (if known):
Link to Firmware:

Hope this helps keep things up to date!

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Ninja Flex Semi Flex Help?

by CannaGeneticsBank

Hey all. So I got a roll of Semi Flex. To test how well it prints I tried the octopus. Well it sticks to the stock bed very well weather it's cold or hot, and it begins printing very nicely. But right at the start of the 3rd layer of the octopus the extruder stops extruding. I'm not sure what's going on. There is no clogs in the extruder and I cleaned the gear head of any tiny debris. Has anyone been able to print with this successfully? If so any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

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Printing with Tough PLA

by dcolley

I'm printing a part for a garden chair, but PLA is brittle and just breaks.

Should I switch to ABS?

Is there any info on printing with Tough PLA?

  • do I need a separate extruder
  • are there any settings I need to be aware of?

Any comment welcome!

Qidi_Tech_X-One Tough_PLA
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Troubleshooting Help For x-One - Please

by gwj3

I've had my x-one for about 9 months and have printed about 3 spools worth of parts. I'm now having issues printing, I suspect the feed is not working properly. I find that about 30 minutes into a print that the machine has stopped extruding the PLA. The extruder head is not clogged. I hear an intermittent clicking sound that I think is the feed wheel skipping or slipping on the filament and not feeding consistently. At first I thought it was caused by my parts being too small or etc. but after experimenting with different parts I think it has something to do with the machine. I'm still using the first brass extruder head. Any ideas?

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