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Replacement Parts

by mikebald

Here's some replacement/upgrade parts that I've found useful for the X-One, please feel free to add to this list:

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layer shift

by dumdrak

I have a X-one with the microswiss extruder.

this is my first printer and the first time I have layer shifts.

After printing one roll of black pla in my new microswiss extruder and like 3 pla rolls in the old extruder.

this last weekend ( 18-02-2018 ) my x-one started having layer shifts.

I'm printing black pla at 185C at 0.2 height.

they only pass where the carriage goes to the left.
the stepper that moves the carriage makes a noise like the extrusion stepper does when trying to pass the plastic through the extruder too cold.
and the carriage goes back a few milimeters.
This can only occurred me near the center of the bed,

Any Idea how to diagnose and repair the problem?

thank you for the help and excuse me my english, its not my main languatge

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Qidi Tech X-One Firmware - latest with update logs?

by gmerck

For those of us that don't do Facebook and aren't following Qidi Tech, is there, or can we start, a thread with the latest known firmware for the X-One? I am pretty certain there have been a few updates since I last updated the firmware (currently on 1.3.18m4).
Ideally, it should be a pretty standard format...

Rec'd Date:
Updates included (if known):
Link to Firmware:

Hope this helps keep things up to date!

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by FactorX12

DO NOT EVER USE GLUE on the base plate. What happens is the glue sticks to the base plate, and somehow, when you lift off the print, it takes a little of the base plate off. The more you use it the more base plate you lift off, and sooner or later, the print is not sticking to the base plate and you need to apply more glue and it makes it even worse. This happened to me, and now I need to get a new base plate top.

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by danksy

Having just migrated over to CURA 3.1 because of window 10. When I print, the picture of the model being printed no longer appears on touchscreen.
As soon as I use QIDI slicer that came with machine, picture reappears.

Any Ideas

Cheers JON

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