Warning for those printing on glass

by Prometheus77

After some adhesion problems using PLA on my Qidi X-Plus factory building surface, I switched to a mirrored tile, secured by two binder clips in the back corners. All was well until the extruder / nozzle contacted one of the clips while tracing a skirt. My treasured printer abruptly died. I contacted Qidi tech support, and received a prompt response, with a link to a troubleshooting video. The diagnosis was a blown main board. Qidi sent me a new board, an extruder, and a video link for installation. No charge. Mind blown, great service Qidi Tech. My printer is back. No more metallic clips for me. I'll be using blue tape for a while.

glass short
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by Grips

Does anyone use Cura for the X plus ? If so where did u get the settings . I just wanted to see the difference..

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