How are you managing to remove prints ?

by danz0l

I'm very close to deciding to get one of these printers. I have an ender 3 pro and the constant battle of keeping it level etc is driving me mad. I assume this is easier to level ?

Also i see the bed adhesion is amazing on this, if not too much. How are you all managing to remove your prints ????

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Z-Axis Alignment Issues

by korukyu

So I just bought a brand new X-Plus. While walking through the setup guide, I noticed that the bed wasn't raising properly. On further inspection, it turns out that the z-axis rod on the left side wasn't seated properly. Here are pics and videos of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/AnfEmBC

Has anyone else had to deal with anything like this? All I need to do is shove the rod back into the guide hole, but I can not for the life of me figure out how to lower the rod enough to jam it in. I'm trying to unscrew everything I can reach and see if anything is loosened enough, but I've had no luck yet.

I've reached out to customer service, but the 12 hour time difference and the language barrier isn't making the process particularly smooth.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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QIDI X-Plus X-Max Noctua Extruder Fan Upgrade

by humebeam

Copying this over from the X-Max group. I designed and published a fan duct for upgrading the small 30 mm extruder fan to a larger and much more quiet Noctua 40 mm fan. This mod will work for the Qidi X-Plus and X-Max.


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New to Qidi Printers

by i_malc

I' new to 3d printing and have brought a Qidi x + and its been working fine for over a month. I had it set to switch off after a print, but recently instead of switching off it comes up on the screen a completion message and the length of time it printed. How do I get it to go back to shutting down after a print.

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New QIDI Discord Channel

by danz0l

New discord channel set up as a community to support all QIDI printer users.

Pop bye, use the self roles to tell the community what Printers, slicers and cad software you use and offer help or get help from others, show of your creations, and generally hang out in realtime with other QIDI printer enthusiasts. Hope to see you there.


Hope admins are ok with this, if not please delete.

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Print Cooling Hack

by KirklandCannabis

Remove the filter for the big circulation fan and flip it around, instant additional cooling, anyone else think of this?

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START and END G-Codes for CURA

by Oldcorollas

Comparing and modifying various versions + optimisations

Going from QIDIPRINT5.5 (QP5.5) to CURA4.8 (C4.8), with the ALKAES Qidiprint plugin (AQP), the start and end behaviour was different between P5.5 and C4.8.
Have attached the original def.json from QP5.5, and AQP

My first change was to the AQP--qidi.def.json, as suggested by LCSTEVE, by removing line 81 to stop print temp always being 200C
81 "material_print_temperature":{ "value": 200 },

then started comparing the start G-codes...

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Reddit sub for x-plus

by DarthCoffeeBean

Hi everyone. I've made a reddit sub for the x-plus printer for owners of this printer to share info, help each other or even just showing off what we've printed.



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Silicone Socks for X-Plus

by JensW_2000

Which silicone socks do you use for the original X-Plus hotend? Can you recommend one?
I live in Germany. Unique product names (that I can search for) would be great. Or links to stores that ship to the EU.

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