Can filament be changed during a print?

by jamcultur

Is there a way to pause a print, change to a different color filament, and resume the print?
Thank you!

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Stepper Drivers & a TL-Smoother?

by LockANDLoad

Can anybody confirm what the stepper drivers are what model on the x plus?

Does anyone any have an experience using a TL-smoother on this printer? I'm reading its utility would really only be beneficial based on the type of stepper drivers you have but I can't confirm what we have.

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Magnetic bed sticker... with gridlines?

by LockANDLoad

so one of the things I don't like about the magnetic bed sticker that comes on the x plus it's got a whole lot of busy graphics and text on it. I would rather just have a cleaner, one color bed sticker with only grid lines & size markings. however, this is somewhat of an odd sized bed it seems because all of the ones I've seen, nothing would fit. Even cut to fit.

Does anybody have a suggestion?

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Material Cost Calculator in Qidi Print?

by LockANDLoad

Has anyone ever figured out how to get the Material Cost Calculator in Qidi Print (lower left bottom software window) to do anything? Why is it there as I see no way to input data or a way to make it calculate.

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QIDI X-Plus X-Max Noctua Extruder Fan Upgrade

by humebeam

Copying this over from the X-Max group. I designed and published a fan duct for upgrading the small 30 mm extruder fan to a larger and much more quiet Noctua 40 mm fan. This mod will work for the Qidi X-Plus and X-Max.


QIDI X-Plus X-Max Noctua Extruder Fan Upgrade
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Get 3D model and proper time remaining on touchscreen with Cura

by kvnper

Reposting my post from the QIDI X-Max group:

If you're using Ultimaker's Cura with your X-Max [X-Plus, in your case] you've probably noticed that you don't get the 3D model on the touchscreen, nor an accurate time remaining estimate.

Well, I've found a Cura post-processing script that inserts the 3d model data as well as the estimated print time into the gcode file that will display on the touchscreen.

You can find the script in the github link below. Credit to Spanni26 on github for making this. I've been testing it for over a week now and it has been working well without issue.


I've also added a screenshot of what it looks like on the touchscreen.

QIDI Tech 3D Printer discord link: https://discord.gg/s2rwfms

I've also founded a QIDI Tech 3D Printer discord to converse with fellow QIDI owners and share resources. I hope it to become an excellent source of QIDI printer information. Hopefully we can discover enough to do as we please with the closed-source hardware and software.

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Large polycarbonate print is bending the steel plate?!

by norcom

I'm trying to print a large polycarbonate piece and once it's done with the base, the shrinking of polycarbonate is pulling the steel plate on the sides off the magnets. I've had sides pull up before but usually due to lack of adhesion. Now it seems that Kapton tape with some ABS juice is the magic key for polycarbonate but this is something else. The failed base came off the plate easily and the plate sprung back into shape.

I'm thinking of trying to add clips on the sides but they'll get in the way of the extruder. Perhaps a thicker steel plate? Extra thickness will probably make the plate not as hot. I would like to try glass or aluminum but that poses an issue with how to keep it in place.

Any thoughts?

Picture attached.


QIDI got back to me super quick! I guess I missed this in the manual. Clips work in the rear for large models. I guess I can add ones in the front after the print starts.

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Printer Circulation Fan

by tcfonehome

Hey guys I'm not sure if anyone has figured this out yet but I just realized that there is a setting in the Qidi print slicer that doesn't exist in Cura that turns the printer circulation fan off and on. You can turn the fan on manually during the print in the tools menu mid-print but this eliminates the need to remember to do it every time. Confirmed that it works for the X-Plus using Simplify3D so I'm guessing it should work for Cura too. M106 T-2 in the starting script turns the fan on and M107 T-2 in the ending script turns the fan off.

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Software Question

by dorseybd19

I'm trying to stack 3 items; I got them to stack; made the design, printed it, but way too close. I'm not sure how to create an area where I can snap them apart. How do you program that in the software? Do you just skip 1mm from each model; is that good enough to snap them? Thank you; new at this; can you tell?

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