Power Key Press creates error, unable to shut down printer

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Every time i try and power off my printer, it gives me the message in the picture ( Stating "power key pressed, restart now: I_4" )

Two Questions

  1. Am i alone?

  2. How do i fix this?

I have tried returning to factory settings, and tried a series of update files which QidiTech gave me (their support staff is very willing to help, but my problem wasn't fixed by their steps)

please help, if you guys can!

Sorry I cant help I have never seen that on mine... Keep on Qidi Tech they will figure it out... and make it right..

yeah, they are already on top of it... very helpful and sending me parts and stuff... said it might be the breakpoint module

I had the same issue. While waiting for the hardware from Qidi, I simply unplugged it from the wall for a few minutes. When I powered it back on, the power button worked like normal.