PLA Printing and covers

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I only got my printer yesterday evening and have done 3 small prints. I know the docs say that i need to have all covers/doors removed for PLA printing. However i have a toddler and i'd really like to keep all covers off but the door closed. This would really limit the chance of him touching something he shouldn't. Could i like turn the case fan on or something?
Thanks for your help.

I had the same problem...
Just leave the top open.
I turned the backside fan 180 degrees,
and switched the 30x30 fan in the extruder for a 40x40

Yes sure, its a recommendation. I printed parts in PLA with everything closed :D
Start the printing and from the menu, enable the recirculation fan, take the top and sides out. It will work perfect. Check that no fan or A/C wind goes directly where the printer is.