Clear side windows?

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I just got my X-Plus and have been gazing and admiring, except for the ugly side panels covered with stickers for directions. They are so tantalizingly close to windows! Has anyone tried soaking the stickers off? Alternatively, has anyone laser-cut replacement windows with holes for the magnets?

I also did not like those stickers and removed them. No mess no gloves :-)
To get them off put the side panel on top of the print bed and allow to heat up to 60C. That lets the glue start melting. Then scrap of the sticker slowly with a plastic scraper ( I used one of my calibration cubes, works fine ). The remaining glue on top of the panel was wiped of using brake cleaner fluid and some paper towels. To completely get it transparant also remove the thin foil thats attached to the inside of the panel. Like it so much better. Worked for me, do at your own risk.

PS: if you used the head bed don´t forget to relevel ;-)

I know this is old but I used Goof Off and it worked great. Do it some where that you don't have to worry about the incredible mess you will make. Wear gloves.

You mean something like this? It was literally the first thing after setting up my machine. I used a plastic razor and scraped all the stickers off then cleaned several times with acetone. My backup was I traced the layout on some excess lexan I had from a Lack enclosure and I intended on cutting new ones out and inserting new magnets in there but the plastic razor worked well enough.