How are you managing to remove prints ?

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I'm very close to deciding to get one of these printers. I have an ender 3 pro and the constant battle of keeping it level etc is driving me mad. I assume this is easier to level ?

Also i see the bed adhesion is amazing on this, if not too much. How are you all managing to remove your prints ????

I cannot believe it when people complain of TOO much adhesion. If a printer bed does not have ENOUGH adhesion, your pretty much out of luck. However, in the case of the QIDI removable beds they DO provide fantastic adhesion. To limit this you ADD an interface layer. For the white textured side of the bed (PLA side I call it) you want to use elmers washable glue sticks (the glue comes out purple). For the black side of the bed you use HAIRSPRAY for PETG, ASA, ABS, PC-MAX, etc. If you prep the surface each time there will be no damage, and your prints will stick just fine. If you allow the bed to cool down completely, the part cannot contract and will pop off even easier. Lastly, the beds are flexible and so this is another benefit of the QIDI design (vice glass), and you can pop the parts off with a bend of the bed. I cannot say enough great things about the QIDI bed design. I did however just order the new "gen 2" bed which is PEI; and I will see what that is like.

I've had my X-Plus for a year and it has come along way. The mods available have made it so much better.
The original flexible bed works well till it starts to bubble, this will occur quicker when printing higher temps.

I bought a FlashForge Creator3v2 (2020) flexible build plate and cut it down to size

The build plate has been going strong for 6 months, most PLA prints don't need any bed adhesive. I use Form Futura adhesive for PC, Nylon and ABS without a problem.

We just got our X-Plus, and it came out of the box with the white bed surface, and a bad extruder. They replaced the extruder quickly, and sent the most current version of the bed (textured gold) and parts hold well to it with no prep and once cooled off, the are just resting on it, not flex needed.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08HWN3BP5 = X-Plus
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088ZGTPGB = X-Pro

Add light layer of hairspray (if needed for adhesion). I have never had a stuck print since moving to these print beds

The bed is magnetic and pops off (It's VERY MAGNETIC lol so it snaps on GOOD when you place it and certainly does not move around) but when prints are done you pop if off and flex it to get prints to release, it's easily one of the best beds to remove a print from I have ever used.

My 83 year old dad can level it easy, a few mods on here that make it even easier but the Xplus so far after 4 months and printing ABS PLA TPU and now PETG I have just got Octoprint working as well we just never seem to have the problems many other people seem to have it just works. right out of the box.

Print adhesion is awesome on the OEM build plates, but the new PEI plate sucks badly for PLA, works well with ABS, Nylon and Polycarby, but you need to crank it up 20 degrees more though, the OEM plates are too sticky for PolyCarby and I managed to ruin one of mine.