Z-Axis Alignment Issues

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So I just bought a brand new X-Plus. While walking through the setup guide, I noticed that the bed wasn't raising properly. On further inspection, it turns out that the z-axis rod on the left side wasn't seated properly. Here are pics and videos of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/AnfEmBC

Has anyone else had to deal with anything like this? All I need to do is shove the rod back into the guide hole, but I can not for the life of me figure out how to lower the rod enough to jam it in. I'm trying to unscrew everything I can reach and see if anything is loosened enough, but I've had no luck yet.

I've reached out to customer service, but the 12 hour time difference and the language barrier isn't making the process particularly smooth.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

You have to take the printer bottom panel off. Unscrew the motors and align the threaded rods. I would also loosen the rod guides on the bed, lower the bed and tighten back up. The bed should be able to move easily by hand when the motors don’t have power going to them. It should also move by itself to the bottom if it’s at the top and the motors lose power. Basically if the bed doesn’t move easily you’ll have issues. Move it all the way to the bottom and turn it on, if it still skips there’s too much of an alignment difference between the screw rods.

It’s a pain. I’ve taken mine apart and adjusted it a few times. If it’s brand new, I would want a replacement but that will depend on where you bought it from and how hard it’ll be to ship it back.

Never accept a printer out of the box that needs to be fixed to get it working. Did you purchase a printer to become a Qidi tech?

Its not just them. We went through 4 printers this year that were bad out of the box, the worst being a $4K raise3d unit.

Buy your machine with a credit card. That way when the company fails to deliver on a working machine out of the box, you have the option of disputing the charge if they refuse to replace it. You wouldn't buy a car and then replace the transmission on your own because it shipped with a faulty one. You wouldn't buy a iPhone new that needed a new radio out of the box to work right.

So far however, qidi was on top of any issue we had. Replacements overnighted for parts that were damaged on shipping.

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Harass Qidi until they give you the working printer you payed for lol

I concur, I am all for DIY but if it had one thing wrong right out of the box that tells me it was probably dropped or not properly checked before it was shipped. Save yourself a lot of headache and get it replaced.

There may well be other issues that are NOT immediately obvious.

Even when mine was working it always had problems, can't believe I spent almost a grand on this piece of garbage.
I hate Qidi so damn much, I hate that I was stupid enough to buy this vomit.