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Hot end thermocouple specs for QIDI X-PLUS ???

by ThingiDan


Does anyone know the thermocouple specs for the X-Plus hot end on the normal extruder?

I bought an MK10 block, which has a threaded thermocouple hole, and would like to switch to a threaded thermocouple if I can find one with the same specs as the original?

I just like the idea of the threaded thermocouple vs sliding it into a drilled hole and clamping down on it with a setscrew.

Anyone else swap their thermocouple out?

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START and END G-Codes for CURA

by Oldcorollas

Comparing and modifying various versions + optimisations

Going from QIDIPRINT5.5 (QP5.5) to CURA4.8 (C4.8), with the ALKAES Qidiprint plugin (AQP), the start and end behaviour was different between P5.5 and C4.8.
Have attached the original def.json from QP5.5, and AQP

My first change was to the AQP--qidi.def.json, as suggested by LCSTEVE, by removing line 81 to stop print temp always being 200C
81 "material_print_temperature":{ "value": 200 },

then started comparing the start G-codes...

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QIDI X-Plus X-Max Noctua Extruder Fan Upgrade

by humebeam

Copying this over from the X-Max group. I designed and published a fan duct for upgrading the small 30 mm extruder fan to a larger and much more quiet Noctua 40 mm fan. This mod will work for the Qidi X-Plus and X-Max.


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Stepper Drivers & a TL-Smoother?

by LockANDLoad

Can anybody confirm what the stepper drivers are what model on the x plus?

Does anyone any have an experience using a TL-smoother on this printer? I'm reading its utility would really only be beneficial based on the type of stepper drivers you have but I can't confirm what we have.

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Clear side windows?

by Dr_Which

I just got my X-Plus and have been gazing and admiring, except for the ugly side panels covered with stickers for directions. They are so tantalizingly close to windows! Has anyone tried soaking the stickers off? Alternatively, has anyone laser-cut replacement windows with holes for the magnets?

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