X-pro went belly up yesterday out of the blue - new mainboard?

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So I've had my X-pro for about 20 months now and it's been a solid performer and was my daily print machine till ~8 months ago when I picked up my X-plus. I still use the pro rather regularly though. I powered it on last night and it idled for 5- 10 minutes as I was getting a print sliced. When I walked over to the machine and grabbed the build plate to clean it when I reached in the whole thing went black. I hadn't even touched it yet. Thinking it was the mains fuse on the back of the unit I checked and nope it was fine. I flipped the printer over and checked the power supply, it's pumping out 24v and the light is on. When the switch is on the light on the wifi module lights up but nothing else happens. I tried unplugging everything (in case something was dead shorting) and powering on and get the same result. So at this point I pull the whole print head assembly, wiring harness and mainboard to check things out. I tested each item with my bench power supply eliminating faults (fans all worked, heater heats up, bed heats up, LED's turn on etc) but the board still seems DOA. I've inspected the board visually in depth and don't see any failure points. I feel pretty sure there is something up with the power since on boot there is no power being applied to the lights, fans and of course the LCD. In fact the LED and mainboard fan plug on the board register like 300mv when on.

1) Any electrical savvy people on here might be able to lend a hand testing or pointing in the right direction? I've got DVM's, scope, bench power etc.

2) Anyone have a parts X-pro and want to sell the board?

3) Anyone swap out the board for a whole different aftermarket one to make a frankenqidi? This solves a lot of the short comings the Qidi stuff like the Chitu code, some wonky gcode etc but unless I find a board that can use that display I have to factor that swap in the mix too. I've considered just ordering a replacement board from Qidi but at $120-150 it's pretty pricey.

Thanks for any pointers or insight.

Wow I somehow didn't see this. Did you ever get your situation figured out bro? Sorry wasn't much help here. I've noticed the facebook groups seem to get many more eyes on them.

You actually have pretty good timing there. I decided to go with a Lerdge K board kit and received it yesterday afternoon. I spent a couple hours testing the components on the old X-Pro board, all the caps & mosfets were in spec. I suspect there is an issue with a voltage regulator or an internal short somewhere. Since when I hook it up to my bench power it sparks when touching the hot lead to the board and registers several amps of draw then drops down to a negligible draw.

So the replacement should be a nice upgrade as it has a lot of features added over the factory Qidi one. Steppers are 2209, filament runout, remote power button like my X-Plus etc. Now that it's arrived I've already started designing a board adapter to mount in the old X-Pro spot and an adapter to place the new touchscreen and rotary encoder in the old display spot. Should take a couple days to work the kinks out and then I can start assembling. I'll post some updates as the swap over wraps up.

That's cool they have 3rd party boards that work in the x-pro, I'll have to look into those. I'd definitely be keen to see the progress made. Good luck man! Sorry couldn't be more help.

For clarification i wouldn't say this works for the X-Pro out of the box its a universal kit being made to work on the X-Pro. I've got the board I stand I'm working through little nuances now getting it where I want it before trying to print anything. Its a little slower than expected as I made changes / updates to the rig like dropped the 2nd extruder, added BLTouch and some other little things here and there. I still need to deign my display adapter as well but I think that will be after its up and running.

Oh yeah I didn't expect it to be a drop in replacement, but I didn't see a ton of chitubox stuff last time I looked so it's cool they exist now. That's rad with the bltouch! GL with the display I'm not really good designing anything except box shaped boxes :D

So I've got this up and running well and still have some tweaks but it prints super clean. I published my files and will update the trials & tribulations of what I learned in the process soon in that listing and some here for those interested. I definitely think it was a worthwhile upgrade and seriously considering it for my Xplus machine as well.


Qidi Xpro upgrade to Lerdge K
by LCSteve

Wow nice work and that's a good write up on the page itself. Be careful if you edit the page to add more text, I've had it time out and had to restart while editing a page text. It's best to do the text in a separate program like notepad or something, then paste it into the thingiverse page.