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Eachine Pro58 Model

by Burghamer

Does anyone have an Eachine Pro58 CAD model they can share?

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by Mantoz71

I need a cover , canopy for myt DIATONE GT 200S /2017
Can help me !!!

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Cheap quadcopter

by agent-47

Hello i wanna build cheap quadcopter can you guys help me about that

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Emax Nighthawk x5

by Empa

Hey, I'm a about to build a new quadcopter and was looking for some 3D prints for my new frame. I've been searching around the webb and can't find any prints for the frame I bought. https://www.emaxmodel.com/emax-nighthawk-x5.html this is the frame.

Anyone seen or know where I could find some prints? :)
Would really appreciate some help <3

Sorry for my english it's my 2nd language.
// Empa

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Xiaomi Mi Drone

by cembellines

Hi guys, wondering if you have come across the file for this. Looks quite good and I have not found anything in Thingiverse. Basically I am looking for a gimbal guard for my Xiaomi Mi Drone. Still waiting for my 3D printer!.

gimbal_protector xiaomi_mi_drone
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