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Emax Nighthawk x5

by Empa

Hey, I'm a about to build a new quadcopter and was looking for some 3D prints for my new frame. I've been searching around the webb and can't find any prints for the frame I bought. https://www.emaxmodel.com/emax-nighthawk-x5.html this is the frame.

Anyone seen or know where I could find some prints? :)
Would really appreciate some help <3

Sorry for my english it's my 2nd language.
// Empa

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Xiaomi Mi Drone

by cembellines

Hi guys, wondering if you have come across the file for this. Looks quite good and I have not found anything in Thingiverse. Basically I am looking for a gimbal guard for my Xiaomi Mi Drone. Still waiting for my 3D printer!.

gimbal_protector xiaomi_mi_drone
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Quadcopters for newbies.

by stevenisepic1

I am wanting to get into flying quadcopters, I have a Gopro hero 4 and i want an easy way to get ariel footage. I have experience with quads but never build one. I wan to be able to go above 200 feet with out the chance of losing it. I have a few questions.
What does GPS do for a quadcopter?
Do I need gps?
If I wanted to make the Crossfire 2, is it the right platform to start with? if so what are the recommended equipment for my purpose of ariel photography and videography?
If the crossfire 2 is not what would fit me then what 3d printable platform would?
Is there a way to broadcast what the gopro sees to my phone from long distances?

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Rebuild of Phantom.

by Ray050254

Hi, I have a DJI Phantom, the first one and it is looking a bit tired. Anybody know of a printable frame that would enable me to use all the parts from my Phantom to build a new drone. I have been looking at the posts but there are no dimentions and i am a newby at this so I could do with a little help. Thanks in advance Ray.

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Aomway Commander faceplate

by Faawks

Has anyone done a faceplate for these by any chance? or is thinking of doing one?

I've got a pair and I absolutely love them, it's just that the current faceplate isn't great for many people.
The plate seems to press very hard in the middle and the outer edges don't even come close to touching, including my own face.

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