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dji Phantom2 vision +

by mskk0254

So I have an old DJI Phantom2 vision + and wanted to know how I can I repurpose it into a fun usable drone... I have a filament and resin 3d printers and a Glowforge, but are there and kits anyone could suggest...? or any concepts that I could use to make this usable again...

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Ways to report a user?

by Karlex

I really want to block kimjoice who is advertising fake passports and drug selling websites on this group and on many other groups

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Could You Build Me A Drone

by Pounderson

As the title states I would someone to design me a drone. I'm a Beginner in this whole 3d printing process. So, I was hoping someone could either help me with tips on the best types of drones, the easiest type of drone, cheapest drone, etc. This would very much be appreciated. The second option is you could design me a drone or recommend a drone that has clear and easy to understand wiring. If you could do either of these it would make my day!

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Looking for a beginner (indoor) ~65mm TinyWhoop build

by gertschman

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a beginner tinywhoop build - ideally 65mm.
Can anyone please recommend one with 3D printed parts?
I really like the design of the r3dwhoop zerograv (https://www.r3dshifters.com/store/p23/www.r3dshifters.com/r3dwhoop-zerograv.html.html).
It would be cool if there would be the possibility to mount an insta360 go along the way :)

Thanks a lot!

65mm tiny Tinywhoop whoop
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3" inch Quad

by Rodamyot

I just realised that I'd never post my design here. So here it is.
The idea behind the frame is to use the laminate concept to make the arms as rigid as possible.
I'm working on a new frame (dead cat style) inspired by the 3" Japalura that will fit the same Canopy.

RODAM X frame Quad 3"
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