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Flysky TBS crossfire Mod and Frsky R9M Mod

by dronemesh

I created a full mod to enable Flysky FS-i6 and FS-i6X to use almost any frsky module on the market from TBS crossfire to R9M and even the Multiprotocol Modules.

Check it out have a detailed video on the build process also.


FlySky FS-i6 / FS-i6X Module Bay Mod (TBS Crossfire Mod)
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New Emerging Quadcopter Design

by Jacks94

Hi all,

I'm working on a new quadcopter design in my spare time. I'm not an experienced pilot but I built 4 designs from Thingiverse and they've all turned out great, so I thought why not give it a go? I quite like learning new software and it's quite easy to get a copy of Fusion 360.

There are already a lot of open frame designs out there that fly great so rather than create another open-frame design I thought I would try an encased design, inspired by the new generation of DRL Racers. I know what you're thinking... Dumb idea, too heavy! And that's probably correct. This project is not about creating the most efficient or fastest drone. It's in fact a largely about learning new software and getting my design out there for people to have fun with. Ideally, I would like to create a manual that provides assembly instructions, parts list, etc.

It would be great if someone was interested in testing the design before I release publicly.

I've attached a WIP render - I'm currently printing the first prototype, checking tolerances and weight calculations.

Next steps:

  • Refine the shell design
  • Design the integrated mount for Session 5 and FPV camera.

Hopefully, this post isn't totally boring, WIP images attached for info.

250 design drl drone fpv fusion 360 gopro Quadcopter Quadcopter_Frame racer
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cad file 3" propeller (3 or 4 blades)

by 4noxx


im looking for a cad file for a 3 inch propeller (3040..).
3 or 4 blades. i found nothing.... :(

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Graduation Cap Drone

by Mischieft

Hello, i'm new to the drone scene and thought i would try to make a beginner drone that i can integrate into my graduation cap for my senior year of high school. I am willing to spend around a hundred dollars on this project but i need some guidance on parts to buy and assembly. If anybody could help it would be very appreciated. I also have a resin and Lulzbot 3D printer and moderate 3D modeling experience. Thanks

Beginner Drones
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Help building a beginner quad

by snowy50

Hello every one! im new to the fpv drone but not to rc,been flying planes well over 3 years but i been wanting to try the fpv out with a micro drone. I have a 3d printer and seen alot of builds,since im pretty much an addict of building things, what would you recommend a new person wanting to get into fpv to build its own micro-drone?
i have a xm+ receiver for my frsky and i can make a frame, but i dont know what; micro controller to get,motors,esc,battery and camera? thanks!

beginner drone
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