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just a noob question...

by Bentsch

in my prints, there is a little bit of space between the different lines.
i have cr10s, and flow set to 120, but it doesnt help….
do i set the flow higher?

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The "Skitto" MicroCopter Frame

by Skulk

Hi everyone,

i finished my Microcopter Frame the "Skitto".
Its made for PLA and lightweight (the 100mm version is about 7g)

Its made to be built with Loom Silicone Rubberbands in mind. Cam, VTX, RX and FC are all mountable with rubberbands. That makes In-Field-Repairs a breeze.

I even added a 130mm Version, and PropGuard and PropDucts.

I would love to hear your feedback.

PS: I will add better pictures and a how-to install during the next week

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New to quadcopters

by Bewaren

I am completely new to Drones and have purchased all the components I require to build it but I am running into an issue binding my FlySky FS-T6 to the receiver, I have tried binding it externally with a ESC and it works fine that way but from what I can tell the board is getting power but the receiver pins are not, unsure why this is as I can not see any visual issues but I have noticed the PDB is getting quite hot but not smoking or making any signs of it short circuiting however I am still very new to this so it may be that I am just missing something obvious. Any help would be great!

I am using a Turnigy MultiStar 30A BLHeli_32 4-In-1 Race Spec ESC W/ F4 FC, OSD & BEC (2-4S) control board, if anymore information is required feel free to ask, as I said I am quite new to drones and so may not be providing the correct information.

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Flysky TBS crossfire Mod and Frsky R9M Mod

by dronemesh

I created a full mod to enable Flysky FS-i6 and FS-i6X to use almost any frsky module on the market from TBS crossfire to R9M and even the Multiprotocol Modules.

Check it out have a detailed video on the build process also.


FlySky FS-i6 / FS-i6X Module Bay Mod (TBS Crossfire Mod)
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