Ways to report a user?

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I really want to block kimjoice who is advertising fake passports and drug selling websites on this group and on many other groups

You could probably contact the creator/leader of this group and ask him/her to kick kimjoice

Please make this kind of mails stop Cant report it anywhere

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same here, glad its not only me! its weird though, its like the bot makes the message then deletes it immediately.. but i still get an email notification about it. i contacted MB about it to get the user banned or deleted, we will see what happens. just send them an email about it, the more they get the better chance something will be done!

I'm going to call makerbot and complain. They need to monitor this stuff.

I have already flagged one of his topics but there does not seem to be any other way that I am aware of. Anyone who know how to do this?