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I need a 12*6 size propeller ...

thanks i forgot i wanted to carve a propeller with my cnc router.
I was just looking through thingiverse for random things i could make with it.

download file: propeller-1260_shaft-6.STL


Propeller for model aircraft.
by LiViS

I have put the openSCAD files in my propeller design on this thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2911483
You can easily change the blade dimensions and hub by editing the scad file.
OpenSCAD is easy to pick up and it's free.
See my notes on the thing description to get the best results when actually printing it. Be prepared to experiment.
All the best

Jelbert Drone propeller for 180 size drones - 110mm length with 5mm shaft hole

i need new pc...

I'mma need 'bout.... three fiddy.