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I am completely new to Drones and have purchased all the components I require to build it but I am running into an issue binding my FlySky FS-T6 to the receiver, I have tried binding it externally with a ESC and it works fine that way but from what I can tell the board is getting power but the receiver pins are not, unsure why this is as I can not see any visual issues but I have noticed the PDB is getting quite hot but not smoking or making any signs of it short circuiting however I am still very new to this so it may be that I am just missing something obvious. Any help would be great!

I am using a Turnigy MultiStar 30A BLHeli_32 4-In-1 Race Spec ESC W/ F4 FC, OSD & BEC (2-4S) control board, if anymore information is required feel free to ask, as I said I am quite new to drones and so may not be providing the correct information.

I have that transmitter. I had problems with it at first.
Only plug in the wires to the bind pins it should blink rapidly when its setup right and ready to bind.
You might have to try multiple times.
Hold the bind button on the back of the transmitter and turn it on. The light on the RX should stay solid if bound.
I'm not home atm to re bind mine to make sure. But I have 2 RX bound to my TX and both were a pain to bind.

Personally I would reccomend new people get the FS-i6 its the same price and has updated RF tech. I have a f3 flight controller and have to use a pwm to ppm encoder just to fly. Whereas the FS-i6 can switch between the 2 output modes.

Also Join the uavfutures discord group always helpful people on there.

The first thing to establish in your case is do your ESCs ( or ESC combo board) have a BEC ( battery eliminator circuit/ its called that because in the old days, the receiver (RX) used to have its own separate battery ) and according to the specs your combo board does. ( what a BEC basically does is take the main battery voltage and reduce it to a stable 5 VDC for aux equipment including the RX)

What RX ( receiver) do you have? Its sound most likely that.
Your connection from the Turnigy Combo to the RX is incorrect. Double check GND,5VDC, SIG
Your FC isn't configured correctly for the RX ( Sbus, PPM .....)
Your RX isn't configured correctly to "talk" to the FC

What type of firmware is on your combo board ( Cleanflight , Beta flight INav or similar)?

Also any chance any of you know what protocol to use for Multistar Viking motors, cant seem to see it in the specs https://hobbyking.com/en_us/multistar-viking-brushless-outrunner-drone-racing-motor-1808-2600kv-ccw.html

What do you mean by "protocol"? If your referring to one shot , dshot or ppm That's determined by the ESC

Yes managed to sort that, I am just having issues binding my radio to the receiver, I have tried the standard Fs-t6 receiver and the FS A8S receiver but still no luck binding them, I am 100% sure I am doing it correctly however and am starting to believe that the radio is just rubbish, any suggestions on a similar priced one that is going to be reliable and work with the FS A8S Receiver. I was looking at the FS-i6 but unsure.

If i was you id probably give up on the FLYSKY nightmare and look for a good second hand Spektrum DX6i Its very well supported and documented on the net. RX's are cheap to buy too.

Sorted it, I meant for the ESC, now I only have one problem left to solve, the problem with my transmitter not seeming to bind to my receiver or potentially it is that I have the receiver setup wrong in Betaflight, I've ordered a new receiver hoping this will solve the issue as I heard that the standard one that comes with the transmitter can be a bit hit and miss to connect correctly, however if this doesn't solve the issue any ideas on the protocols that a Flysky Fs-t6 should be set up too? I believe it is IBUS but may be wrong.

I had issues as well binding a cheapie flysky transmitter with the dang receiver it came with so I ended up returning it and buying a frsky taranis x9d+ instead. That was in 2015 and I still use it today, with some upgrades like hall effect gimbals and an upgraded antenna It's the most supported transmitter in our hobby and there's no shortage of information on how to set it all up as well as pimping it out with upgrades. If you're not the tinkering type you can always go with the frsky x-lite. It's the kind of situation where if you want to avoid headaches and too much tinkering to get stuff to work, you don't want to cheap out on a transmitter. Additional quads are ok to cheap out on since you'll probably crash them anyway, I personally cut my teeth with FPV more on micro's starting out when I didn't want to keep crashing my 5" quad. Good luck to ya and welcome to the hobby

I don't have any experience with Flysky im afraid but most RX's ive used give you some form of indication when they successfully bind to a TX. Usually, there's a flashing LED when in bind mode that goes solid when it binds with the TX..something like that.
I also have little experience with beta flight as I generally use Cleanflight but i believe they are very similar
You need to configure the FC so it knows it will be connected to a serial RX and tell it which port that data will be on.
First step is to get the "ports" section in betaflight configured. From what i see on the net, your FC has UART2 dedicated to serial RX's so when you have selected "Serial RX" under the UART2 section in ports ( Please double check with your FC manual) Im telling you what i think here NOT what i know!!!
When the ports section is configured correctly you can go to the main configuration page and select the serial protocol for your RX . Once done dont forget to save and reboot the FC
Good luck

Alright so I have changed my setup a little bit now. I am now using a new FC, I have gone away from the 4 in 1 board completely. I am now using a Mateksys F405-CTR for my FC. I have quadruple checked my wiring and everything is correct, I am trying to make sure my motors are setup by using betaflight to spin them and check they are going the correct way. I am hitting a little issue though as they aren't spinning at all. I am wondering if this is due to them being disarmed and I am wondering how I can arm them without my controller as I can not seem to get it to connect still. I am wondering if I have the wrong settings for it in Betaflight but I can not seem to find what setting would be the correct for my receiver. I am using the flysky FS-R6B receiver with my FS-T6 transmitter.

The RX definitely doesn't have a batt I bought the same tx and the receiver it came with is supper basic just always hard to bind. Took mine apart once because I wanted to see how much the plastic shell weighed.

Join the Multirotor subreddit. Will have all the info you need. Also, RCgroups is the biggest RC forum on the net. There is a drone section there that has the answers to any question you could ask.

However...Many 4in1 escs have a 5v out built into them, check if yours does and use that. You really don't need a pdb unless you are running 4 independent escs. Even that is outdated now though. You can get FCs these days that have everything built into one board. You just solder the escs onto the pads at the corners or use the 4in1 plug if running a 4in1.

I'm using this FC in three of my builds and its great


why do you need the osd and bec? it's usually a part of the flight controller these days as is the OSD

I think he was saying his fc has OSD and bec built in.

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Sorry, thought this was a quadcopter group, I have tried Youtube but there is nothing that seems to be any help and I don’t use Facebook

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