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My One Up Experience

by pileofrogs

I've had this for a number of years. I added endstops early on. The biggest difference came from using a desk fan to cool my prints while they print. I was recently able to successfully print at .1 mm z resolution using very slow print speed. Aside from a few blobs, it looks great. I mostly use my printer for doodads & RPG scenery. I still struggle with my blue tape. I've started taping a post-it note onto my blue tape, then I can just throw the post-it away. Playing with temperature, 1st layer differences (offset, temp, volume) also made a big difference.

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Most. Important qubd upgrades!

by Reach3D_Nate_Rogers

Right out of the box, the qubd one up and two up printers work ok, but we need perfection, if were gonna be prototyping!
Here is my list of must do's, and perhaps some ideas for improvements to yet be made. Also, it would be nice to design a fully replaceable set of parts!

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Upgrade made easy

by Hogsqueal

This is a link of my QU-BD upgrade to made on the cheap : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1227902.

Here a time lapse video of Marvin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmjEXnWz_s0

Please leave your comments,

QU-BD TwoUp Upgrade
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I have all the parts of a two up but want to make new frame

by nsimers

I have a two up but destroyed the frame trying to put it together so i have a robo on the way and i want to make a frame that will work for my two-up pieces. Any ideas best way to go? Is there maybe something already done, anyone knows about?

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