RADDS status?

by evil_k

Does anybody know what is going on with RADDS? Any radds.org pages result in error 404. max3dshop.org pages result in errors.

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by benestill44

I am new to using the RADDS DUE and wanted to start some discussion about the best firmware/software you all use and tricks/good things to know. Thanks.

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Hlidskjalf 3d printer

by Prot0typ1cal

Already purchased the RADDSv1.5 and extension board for a total of 8 steppers required for the build.
Hopefully will get to the wiring this month, as some mechanical issues with purchased parts is dragging me back some.
Will be posting more about the build, specifically experiences with the RADDS board here in the near future.

Hlidskjalf (Odin's Chair)
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SD Card Mount/Unmount missing

by phiatt

Hey Guys,

Philip Hiatt here, Morganton NC, new to this group. I am fairly new to 3d printing, just started in January this year and I am curretly converting my Duplicator i3 over to the Radds/Due board.

My concern and/or question is; The SD mount / unmount is missing from the firmware I have installed in the Due at the moment. I got it from,


At the moment I have everything hooked up on my desk, when there is no SD card in the LCD card slot, it says SD card present or something to that effect, also if I power it up with a card in the slot it hangs and requires a reset.

Now I am no slouch when it comes to these fancy electronics, I was just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction before I go off and try to re-invent the wheel.

Has anyone else came across this problem? How do I enable the SD Mount/Unmount?

Thanks for the help and info.

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by Belgath

Jest picked up a RADDS 1.5 for my DELTA rebuild. Still pretty new to 3D printing. Ill post my adventure here.

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