SD Card Mount/Unmount missing

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Hey Guys,

Philip Hiatt here, Morganton NC, new to this group. I am fairly new to 3d printing, just started in January this year and I am curretly converting my Duplicator i3 over to the Radds/Due board.

My concern and/or question is; The SD mount / unmount is missing from the firmware I have installed in the Due at the moment. I got it from,


At the moment I have everything hooked up on my desk, when there is no SD card in the LCD card slot, it says SD card present or something to that effect, also if I power it up with a card in the slot it hangs and requires a reset.

Now I am no slouch when it comes to these fancy electronics, I was just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction before I go off and try to re-invent the wheel.

Has anyone else came across this problem? How do I enable the SD Mount/Unmount?

Thanks for the help and info.


You problem can be caused by several cause:
1) There was a bug related with the sd card in repetier firmware last year, but it was solved. maybe you are using a old version of repetier firmware. The best option is to get the last version. Simply go there (https://www.repetier.com/firmware/v092/), them select you old configuration.h file, generate a new firmware and upload it to the rads board. Do not forget about changing the "EEPROM usage" field or else the upload will not have effect.

2) The rads was a micro sd reader and the lcd was a normal sd reader. when the lcd is connected you can only use the SD reader from the lcd. what reader you are using?

3)repetier firmware allow to enable the sd read in is online configurator. page "Feature" and them oprion "Enable sd support. Gets overwritten by ui-controller or board settings."

3) sd card is formatted correctly (fat32)?

I using a rads 1.5 with lcd for more of one year and never have any problem with the SD reader.

Hi fjsdc,

Thanks for the info, using the online tool was my next option. I did dig into the firmware last night and found a few bugs. After a while I was able to get the copy I have to work.

Do you have a mount / unmount option?

by the way... using a radds on a Duplicator i3? the radds is a expensive top end 32bit board and your printer is a cheap entry level prusa, you will not gain much using this board on this printer. you have invested in this nice board, a think is better option to first start to invest in a better printer.

I understand what you are saying about Dup i3, but mine is beyond stock. And I still have less invested than the "Higher End" printers, and get equal quality parts.

I am a tinkerer of sorts, this conversion is more of learning project for another project, not just to string pearls around a sows neck.

A printers firmware has been a bit of a mystery to me since I got started, with a working copy I can delve deeper into the inner workings.

I was not trying to say you get bad prints, you can get very good prints using a cartesian printer like the prusa. What i was trying to say is the 32 bits boards are normally used on deltas, h-bot, corexy, ultimaker printers and not in a cartesian. Cartesian printer normally are slow printer because of the moving bed and do not need a 32bit board, any ramps will do fine in this type of printer.
If you put a radds on a duplicator i3 you will not use is main feature that is the computation speed increase and this way allow print faster.
If you have time check my design the "G&C printer" and is all metal version i have done recently, is a corexy printer with a radds. you can print up to 150mm/s with this printer without getting any artefacts.


G&C All Metal
by fjsdc
G&C Printer - corexy
by fjsdc

No offense taken, but that is still a Cartesian printer.

is a corexy and not a cartesian, it use two motor to move the carriage on the x and y plate.

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not sure about this mount/unmount option. Normally i insert the sd card, power the printer, select the file and print.
when i start the printer the firmware automatically mount the sd card, all gcode files appears on the lcd menu to be select to print or deleted.
When using a combo radds with a raspberry (octoprint), there is a option on octoprint to mount/unmount.
if the printer was started and them insert or remove the sd card, the firmware automatically mount/unmount the sd card, never need to manually mount.

Ah Yes,

I just got finished with a new firmware configuration and flashed my Due. Works much better, I can live without the mount/dismount options. Thanks for the help, and you were correct, the version I had was fairly old.

On to the PRINTING! Thanks again.