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Rapide rear extruder fan

by Middleman

Hi folks,

Just letting you know I've uploaded a design for the Rapide's rear extruder fan duct I had reconstructed which was missing from the original factory STL parts file > http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1930203

Rapide Extruder Fan Duct
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Retro Fit for dual Bowden Feeders & E3D Extruders

by guy_919

Retro-fitting the Rapide Lite v1 to accept dual Bowden feeders and dual E3D Extruders with rear bracket for hanging two rolls of filament.

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Rapide Lite 200XL

by capibara

Anyone here got their Rapide Lite 200 XL yet?

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[REQ]Extruder filament guide for flex filaments

by Fixx

We need a way to use flex filaments(NinjaFlex, FlexPLA...) at our Rapide Lite's. We can make a small part under feeder wheel to guide the filament from wheels to heatbreak tube.

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