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Octopi - Send Gcode script to printer by using GPIO input

by Keepars

Simply what I want to do is connect a Normally open button to the GPIO of my raspberry pi running octoprint. When this button is pressed send a short Gcode script to the connected printer.
I have looked at the event hooks for octoprint and none do this. I have also looked all over the internet and no one seems to have commented on this or done it.

I have setup a bunch of my own controls in the config.yaml file but some of these require one hand on the printer and the other on the mouse which are quite a distance away from each other so its a bit of a reach (Load filament script as an example). If anyone has seen or done this is the past some direction to online documents or guides would be awesome. Thanks

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Pirate Radio Range

by mendeleev_the1st

Hello All,
I am considering building a small pirate radio with a Raspberry Pi Zero (https://makezine.com/projects/raspberry-pirate-radio/). In the article it says that the radio has a range of a few hundred feet. Is there any way I can increase this range?

--- Mendeleev

radio raspi
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How to use octopi with Orange Pi PC?

by jacky_joe

Hi Guys
3 months ago I used my raspberry pi 3 with Octopi to control my 3d printer and also I connected it to my webcam to do some time lapse. The thing is
recently I've received an Orange Pi PC and I'm planning to connect it to my second 3d printer but with some extra features, (even after knowing that I can connect 2 printers to one raspberry pi, but it is always good to learn new things ) and I was wondering if I can use the same .img on orange pi that I've used with raspberry pi3 before. (depending on what I know, that orange pi pc similar to raspberry pi2 since both of them have H3 chip /Quad core ARM Cortex A7 CPU -1.6GHZ), (also the img is origanally made to fit raspberry pi (1, 2, and 3)

so, is it possible?

some details, links will really help

thanks in advanced

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bbc microbit

by abuzaidalam

Hi all. I have purchased a Tevo tornado and am currently wanting to get octoprint so i can monitor my prints even whilst i am away. I know that you can use a raspberry pi for this. I do not currently have this. however have a BBC micro bit and am just wondering if it is possible to use this instead

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Multiple player Robotic games

by megamikey

Hey there, we are looking for your real feedback on a new genre of games, multiple player robotic games. There's a series of games coming up and we hope for your Beta testing and feedback.

The first one is

About the game logic and the 3d parts, what works and what doesn't?

Robot Slingshot two player game for Raspberry Pi
game Raspberry_Pi robot servo slingshot
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