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Octoprint Enclosure Plugin - a few questions

by truglodite

I am researching the plugin to see if it could replace a pro mini based controller I have developed. It looks straightforward enough, but there are a few things I'm not sure of (since I can't read python for the life of me).

1) Do temperature controlled pwm outputs use PID feedback, or is it just linear (P only)? I'm guessing it is just a linear threshold ramp, since there's no mention of pid tuning. If so, can you adjust the slope of that ramp at least?

2) The plugin supports dallas temp sensors, but can it do several dallas sensors? It looks like it uses one wire addresses so it might, but in the documentation the sensor is always referred to in singular form (never "sensors", always "sensor") so I'm not sure what it can do.
Answered: release notes say yes it does multi dallas sensors

3) The plugin does "normal gpio temp control" which is just on/off control. I presume that includes some hysterisis; is there a way to adjust the hysterisis value? (Not the set point, but the +/- value)
Answered (I think): release notes mention 'dead band' is adjustable

4) Also, is it possible to turn off the heater after a print is finished? My own controller has 2 ways of doing that... it measures off time to determine if the enclosure is heat soaked (ie the hotbed alone is maintaining temp), or I can use a timer. Can the enclosure plugin schedule feature be used to that effect?
Answered: probably can't sense heat soaking, but api event hooks can turn heating off after print is complete.

5) Do the pwm outputs have 'kickstart' or 'minimum pwm' features to keep fans from stalling? If so, is it adjustable? I have a mix of fans that perform very differently so I need the ability to tune kick starting and anti stall. I saw some stuff in the code that looks like the author may have added fan "anti humm" features, but not sure exactly how/if it works, nor does it look like the parameters could be adjusted per output.

I am hoping the plugin can do all of this so I can get rid of my own controller. If not I may just move my case lights and spot light control to the pi, but I won't downgrade the temp controls (it is solid as a rock as is and without pid I doubt the plugin can compete).

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Octopi - Send Gcode script to printer by using GPIO input

by Keepars

Hey all, I have an idea to setup a few buttons on my Anet that is controlled with Octoprint on a raspberry pi. What I want to do is send a short Gcode script to my printer when these buttons are pressed (each button will have a different script). For example: Press a normally opened button connected to the GPIO of the raspberry pi, When the PI sees this input close send a GCode script to the connected Printer.

For the moment I have a load and unload filament script that I setup in my Config.yaml and it has been working great for the last few months definitely makes loading/unloading filament from my bowden way easier. however I dont want to keep going back to my computer to click these buttons one hand holding the filament while the other hand is working with the mouse to click the button (its a bit of a reach).

I have looked and looked and looked on the internet, Iv seen the Event hooks for octoprint (none look for GPIO input) no where/no one has asked or seem to have commented on this. If anyone knows of a solution to this any comment or links to instructions would be awesome.

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Google Assistant Droid

by djtremors

Hey all, I am still designing and working on ideas around my google assistant droid case for my Raspberry Pi. (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2958782)
My idea is to use a PI3 or PiZeroW with possible a slide in frame or small slots for it to fit in.

The image is currently my idea how the PI would fit in. I'd like your thought on this as it gives a couple of benefits being that you can fit one of those micro USB mics on the bottom and hopefully won't look like it's taking a dump if it's using the USB closest to the back of it.

I'd like ideas on adding a speaker. I think the frame idea would not only hold the PI but also helps hold a speaker too.

Any other ideas that I might need to take into account at design from you would help me make this a cool project. thanks.

Android Assistant
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Multiple player Robotic games

by megamikey

Hey there, we are looking for your real feedback on a new genre of games, multiple player robotic games. There's a series of games coming up and we hope for your Beta testing and feedback.

The first one is

About the game logic and the 3d parts, what works and what doesn't?

Robot Slingshot two player game for Raspberry Pi
game Raspberry_Pi robot servo slingshot
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Developing an application for the iPhone

by susandaigle23

Everyone knows that the development of applications for the iPhone is not being a bed of roses for everyone because of the closed policy of admission of Apple applications, the restrictive confidentiality agreements that until recently obstructed the dissemination of the communities of developers, or the shortcomings of an API with a large number of functionalities that are not documented or documented.

However, we have seldom been able to access the full story through which any developer passes trying to reach the goal, that is, to see their application published on the App Store , and that is why I have launched to translate (not from a literal mode, but respecting the fundamental thing) the odyssey of Mikeash .

Before you continue reading, alert you that my intention is not to frighten potential developers of the iPhone and iPod touch, but to emphasize that Apple has a long way still ahead, with many things to improve and many criticisms to take. Here we go...

You can also visit https://www.retrocube.com/ios-app-development/

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