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Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1 holder and mount


Free Raspberry Pi Camera Cases to 3D Print
Work still in progress

*****What is it?

It’s a solution for the Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1. Print this Raspberry Pi camera mount, slide it onto your Pi 2 or 3, attach the camera cable to the computer – and you‘re done.

*****Who made it?

aissi mohammed

Difficulty: Easy.

recommended print settings:
infill: 80%
height: 0.15mm
wall thickness : 2mm
speed : 50m/s

Print Settings
Printer brand:

Ender 3 Pro

Doesn't Matter

Doesn't Matter


Filament brand:
not specified

Filament color:

Filament material:

Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1 holder and mount
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How to use octopi with Orange Pi PC?

by jacky_joe

Hi Guys
3 months ago I used my raspberry pi 3 with Octopi to control my 3d printer and also I connected it to my webcam to do some time lapse. The thing is
recently I've received an Orange Pi PC and I'm planning to connect it to my second 3d printer but with some extra features, (even after knowing that I can connect 2 printers to one raspberry pi, but it is always good to learn new things ) and I was wondering if I can use the same .img on orange pi that I've used with raspberry pi3 before. (depending on what I know, that orange pi pc similar to raspberry pi2 since both of them have H3 chip /Quad core ARM Cortex A7 CPU -1.6GHZ), (also the img is origanally made to fit raspberry pi (1, 2, and 3)

so, is it possible?

some details, links will really help

thanks in advanced

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OctoPi Firmware Updater Path to avrdude doesn't exist

by xiao8kai

Hi I am getting an error using OctoPi Firmware Updater Plugin. For /usr/bin/avrdude it says The path doesn't exist.
How can I solve this?

avrdude Firmware Updater OctoPi
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can you use noppixels?

by LEADTies

can you use individually addressable LEDs/NeoPixels with raspberry pi?

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