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Ikea JANSJÖ LED Lamps - and/or alternatives (?)

by linux_dan

There are multiple Things out there for R-Pi's that use an Ikea JANSJÖ LED lamp

The desk lamps used to cost $13 at Ikea -
Only $10 for white

The clamp version was $12 -
$10 for white or black

The gripe is that they are no longer available from Ikea, and other online retailers charge double (and more)
$30 +/- $3 -- https://www.amazon.com/Ikea-Jansjo-Flexible-Desk-Light/dp/B0071IFNRO
$25 +/- $3 -- https://www.amazon.com/IKEA-JANSJÖ-Clamp-spotlight-white/dp/9178917174

All that is left are the JANSJÖ LED USB lamps for $6 ( priced at $5 in the same archive.org 2018 catalog )
These only throw 10 lumens vs 88 lumens from the other two

Also, I found out by printing out a Jansjo thing that the USB version is considerably SMALLER than the plug-in versions.

I am not going to waste time and energy asking Ikea to bring them back. Retailers never listen to the customers.

The apparent replacement seems to be NÄVLINGE
Desk lamp for $17
Spring Clamp for $15
Bolt Clamp for $18

I just found a nearby eBay-er that had a clamp JANSJÖ for $22/free shipping.
I bought it so I can compare it to a NÄVLINGE and because it is one of the lowest prices for a plug-in JANSJÖ I have seen recently.

I will post more details as I get them.
Feel free to contribute to the discussion.

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Raspberry pi PC!!!!!!!!!

by MacintoshE9vt

Hi!, i am going to be selling raspberry pi pc's!, they cost 200 dollars to make, How much do you think i should sell them for?

here is a pic

here is the instrucktable-https://www.instructables.com/Desktop-Pi-Hardware-Assembly/

this is not my design and do not plan on selling it until i have permission , i was just wondering what a reasonable cost would be if i do get the green light, and if people actually want it, it is really just people paying to have me print out the enclosure, and order the parts, and assemble the thing, and then finish it with spray-paints and sandpaper.

sorry if i seemed like i was trying to steal credits for it.

(update): i got permision from designer and am now able to sell.

Personal Computer Raspberry_Pi
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RFID trigger servo

by zackpollard_04

I'm working on a RFID door lock. I have the reader set up on my pi, I just need it to trigger a servo motor so it will move the mechanism. I'm closer to the novice side of coding, and I'm a "learn as I go" type. Could anyone point me in the direction as to how to code this to happen? Thanks

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Need Help With No Audio From 3.5mm Jack

by rebeltaz

I have asked this question over on the Raspberry Pi forums as well as the Raspberry Pi reddit, with no one offering me any help whatsoever. Thought I'd give this group a shot...

I have a Kano computer kit utilizing a Raspberry Pi 3b. I put Raspbian Buster on an SD card and setup everything up. No matter what I do, I cannot get audio output on the 3.5mm jack with one exception. I have tried forcing Analog Audio using raspi-config , right-clicking on the volume control and through amixer. Audio out through the HDMI interface works fine. I can get audio output through the 3.5mm jack if I force omxplayer using "-o local" but no other program will use the audio jack including VLC or system sounds and the volume control has no effect when I run it that way - even if I right-click and switch to HDMI and back. I have read that PulseAudio might be an issue, and I did try to uninstall that with no difference, but I need that installed anyway for the program I need to run - SilverJuke. I have also noticed that when I run raspi-config, the audio setting doesn't seem to be sticking - i.e. it always defaults to the default setting each time I enter that menu, whereas the other settings seem to stay where I put them. I am out of ideas if anyone could offer some advice/help....

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Community Maker Contest

by kadse

Hey, we're a maker community revolving around 3D Printing, Arduinos & other MCUs, SBCs and other related topics! Since everyone is at home and probably has plenty of free time on their hands now we're hosting a project contest!

Our current price pool contains a small amount of cash and an OrangePI, join the contest on Discord: https://discord.gg/hkWjdZF

You can submit both new and old projects, as long as they're selfmade in 4 categories:

  • 3D Printing / CNC Design
  • Blinky stuff
  • Nerdiest project
  • Undefined (For everything that doesn't fit into any other category)

Happy making & stay safe!

PS: This is not commercial, the prices are community-contributed and we're not monetizing this giveaway.

community contest discord giveaway
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