Pi to screen adaptor / Pi holder

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This thing can be usefull for many Pi users who does not want to see the Pi lies on the table in front of the screen...

Raspberry Pi to Screen adaptor - adaptateur écran Raspberry Pi - VESA mount 100x100 mm

That is very cool! With just a bit of a spacer you could still attach a VESA arm to it as well. Nice Job.


Hi bdebevc ! What do you mean with more space to attach the VESA arm screen holder ? There are 2 standards to fit with screens, this one is for a 99mm square for M4 screws, do you know (or have a screen) with the other one ? If yes it will be cool from you to share these dimensions with me as i will be able to share the second version wich fits with the other mount standard ! Thank you very much !

I was thinking of sandwiching the Pi between the screen and a VESA Arm Mount.