Ikea JANSJÖ LED Lamps - and/or alternatives (?)

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There are multiple Things out there for R-Pi's that use an Ikea JANSJÖ LED lamp

The desk lamps used to cost $13 at Ikea -
Only $10 for white

The clamp version was $12 -
$10 for white or black

The gripe is that they are no longer available from Ikea, and other online retailers charge double (and more)
$30 +/- $3 --
$25 +/- $3 --Ö-Clamp-spotlight-white/dp/9178917174

All that is left are the JANSJÖ LED USB lamps for $6 ( priced at $5 in the same 2018 catalog )
These only throw 10 lumens vs 88 lumens from the other two

Also, I found out by printing out a Jansjo thing that the USB version is considerably SMALLER than the plug-in versions.

I am not going to waste time and energy asking Ikea to bring them back. Retailers never listen to the customers.

The apparent replacement seems to be NÄVLINGEÄVLINGE
Desk lamp for $17
Spring Clamp for $15
Bolt Clamp for $18

I just found a nearby eBay-er that had a clamp JANSJÖ for $22/free shipping.
I bought it so I can compare it to a NÄVLINGE and because it is one of the lowest prices for a plug-in JANSJÖ I have seen recently.

I will post more details as I get them.
Feel free to contribute to the discussion.

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IMHO the NÄVLINGE look bättre (cough), I mean better than the JANSJÖ lamps. Outta curiosity, what is wrong with the NÄVLINGE LED lights?

The NÄVLINGE are probably excellent lamps.
I have always found Ikea products to be of high quality.
But there are only 6 Things that show on a search for the name, and none are for Pi accessories.

My complaint is that there is no guarantee that a JANSJÖ Thing will work with a NÄVLINGE.
Especially any that attach to the lamp head.

I will have one of each in hand shortly and will share information comparing them.

Ah cool, I understand. I suspect that the NÄVLINGE are probably also running at 5V with a wall wart, but I could not find any pics of the plug. It probably would draw more than 500mA anyway though.

I just remembered that I have a JANSJÖ somewhere around here somewhere, will check for it. If I find it, do you need the dimension of the neck diameter? I could also pull that off one of the models if that's all you need.

Thanks for the offer. Don't bother yourself. I will have one shortly.

Then I can consider remixing JANSJÖ Things into NÄVLINGE Things

Did you ever manage to measure these?

Sadly, no. The eBay purchase fell through.
I am exploring other ways to mount the camera while using the USB JANSJÖ for light.