noob needs help!!!

by benwa1869

hello all, as the title suggests i am a noob to the raspberry pi. what i need help with is getting the camera to work with my raspberry pi running octoprint.

things i know: 1) it's a rpi 3b+ 2) i have the NoIR camera 3) it is hooked up correctly 4) it is powering on when the raspberry pi is on 5) it is supported and detected 6) octoprint version 1.3.10 and octopi version 0.15.1 7) Path to FFMPEG is valid

any help with this problem would be very much appreciated. please treat me like a child with this as i am not very tech savvy when it comes to this kind of thing, but i can follow instruction fairly well.

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I'm looking for 3d modelling software that runs on a pi

by jbs

Never mind, got the hang of it. I love it now XD

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cura for lulzbot.

by jbs

how can i install cura for lulzbot on my pi? i see that it is available for debian: https://www.lulzbot.com/learn/tutorials/cura-lulzbot-edition-installation-debian

cura lulzbot Raspberry_Pi Raspberry_Pi_2 raspberry_pi_camera
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Problems with octoprint login.

by Elite0077

Here the problem in a nutshell I cann't login on my octo after I set it up or I had login once after a installing trying figure out why it not.

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by Xeontiger

is anyone else having difficulty with Thingiverse downloads there seems to be a big difference from files to the analytic page

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What's this?

by KingMakerManThe_4th

I was looking at my Raspberry Pi and, I found a chip on the back of the board that read "x992" does anybody know what that is?

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Raspberry Pi Cluster for OctoPrint!

by sbeecroft

A school of Octopi in action! Six Pi cluster for management 3D Printers

Here is my build guide!


Happy Printing,

octopi octopi_case Octoprint octoprint_cluster raspberry_pi raspberry_pi_case
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Help, Did I Fry My Pi?

by santanig5

I've been printing with Octoprint for the past 8 mons with no issues from my Rasberry Pi 3b, the other day while doing printer maintenance I decided to secure the motherboard in the case I had printed some time back, I didn't like the fact that the board would move whenever I connected or disconnected the cables. Once I was done I booted up the Pi and found that it was no longer on my network. I connected it to my Tv via HDMI and nothing appeared on the screen. The power light comes on solid, not blinking as it was before.
So assuming I fried the board somehow and ordered a replacement 3b+, dropped my SD card in, powered it up, got the blinking red light, expected to connect to my OctoPrint server, but still nothing. I do not see it on my router or on my network.
At this point I am following the video's I originally used to install and configure it, hoping that there is some kind of corruption of the files on my SD card, yet they look fine and the network information is correct.
I am at a total loss as to how to troubleshoot this problem beyond this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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