Raspberry Pi Cluster for OctoPrint!

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A school of Octopi in action! Six Pi cluster for management 3D Printers

Here is my build guide!


Happy Printing,

you can connect multiple printers on a single raspberry pi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Saa1HpLRoM

This looks like a solution in search of a problem. For that price, you could have built a home file server and virtualized X octopi instances on it. To me, the advantage of a RPi-driven printer is the compactness and remoteness of the print server.

Completely concur. I think they said the same thing about the Internet. If all else fails, at least I can play six of my old Nintendo favorites at the same time.

Is this just a consolidation of mounting/wiring for 6 independent Octopi Raspberry Pi's? I glanced through your link and didn't see anything about an actual cluster configuration or virtual Octopi instances.

Don't get me wrong, organizing the hardware and wiring is appealing, but I don't see anything that actually makes this anything other than a stack of Octopi servers... certainly not a "cluster".

This is a collection of Pi's in the same box with no orchestration. However, it does technically meet the requirements of a "cluster.". I made sure to verify before I made the post. I do see your reservation to the use of the term, either way it's pretty cool. I thought it was a fun project I would share. Just about have it fully populated.

Given your clarification, the only way this meets the definition of a cluster is if you drop anything computing related from the definition... Then it is indeed a collection of similar things grouped close together. A computing cluster (which I thought you implied) requires the devices to act as a single system, provide improved processing speed, better data integrity, or some sort of redundancy, etc... You can tell from other replies that others assumed the same meaning I did.

There is nothing that qualifies this as a (computing) cluster. This is literally a stack of independent computers.

Don't get me wrong, it is a nice organizational unit and definitely a good jumping off point for improved designs that I'm going to look in to. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't somehow missing the "cluster" build/config in your links.

So do you manufacture the Brammble Box, or is it just a product that you used? It does seem kinda weird to market a product that could be easily 3D printed on a mostly 3D printing website. But I guess it couldn’t hurt to give the masses another idea to replicate.

I purchased it from Amazon. I wanted something quick and easy and it fit the bill. Just sharing the idea for someone else who may need to manage a lot of printers. I do design and this thing would be a pain.


It consists of a bunch of flat plates! 1. Easy, 2. Could be fun to make better or cooler.
I like designing Pi cases.

I like the project though. How do the 6 Pi’s handle running 9 printers? Are you running multiple instances of OctoPrint or something else? Do the Pi’s seem to handle it well?

I use AstroPrint Touch, it works pretty good, I have one connected to each of my printers. I like having the graphical display and controls right at each printer. But I also like trying out different approaches. I have / do use OctoPrint from time to time.

Well the kit this thing was made of was a Jenga puzzle. I am running 1 to 1 on Raspberry Pi's to OctoPi. If I add more printers I may tinker with doubling up, but I make money printing so want the least amount of issues I can get.

Looks like a fun project!

Printed in 1:160 scale for my N-scale railroad.