Help, Did I Fry My Pi?

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I've been printing with Octoprint for the past 8 mons with no issues from my Rasberry Pi 3b, the other day while doing printer maintenance I decided to secure the motherboard in the case I had printed some time back, I didn't like the fact that the board would move whenever I connected or disconnected the cables. Once I was done I booted up the Pi and found that it was no longer on my network. I connected it to my Tv via HDMI and nothing appeared on the screen. The power light comes on solid, not blinking as it was before.
So assuming I fried the board somehow and ordered a replacement 3b+, dropped my SD card in, powered it up, got the blinking red light, expected to connect to my OctoPrint server, but still nothing. I do not see it on my router or on my network.
At this point I am following the video's I originally used to install and configure it, hoping that there is some kind of corruption of the files on my SD card, yet they look fine and the network information is correct.
I am at a total loss as to how to troubleshoot this problem beyond this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all for the suggestions. You all are GREAT!
So it was a two part deal, my SD card although I could read the files was corrupt in some way and I had to reimage it from the ground up, AND my original Pi was indeed fried, after successfully reimaging my SD card I was able to get the new Pi up and running, when I moved the SD card to the old it would not connect.

I agree with those who pointed to the SD card. Either corrupted or faulty.
However, there is one further note I'd like to add. NEVER shut the Pi off by removing the power. That can corrupt the files on the SD card. Always shut down using either the commands in Octoprint, or via SSH to Octopi. If neither shutdown method works, it is probably already corrupted or faulty.

I agree with you, but I also do this all the time. I know I am playing the odds but I just re-image if there is a problem (and a corrupt SD has only happened once with 2 pi's in frequent use).

Can you connect with keyboard mouse and monitor? Just reimage and go..

Here is my setup guide. Https://makersteve.com/octoprint

+1 on the SD card. The Pi is pretty tough.

I'd bet the SD is indeed faulty, had a similar problem and swapped the SD, re-imaged from a backup and was back in business. Also can confirm that RPi without a SD will not show anything on HDMI (so would assume the same would be the case for a faulty SD). My TV does show that something is plugged into the HDMI but there is nothing shown on the screen - if I unplug the HDMI from the powered up Pi, the TV will indicate the cable is disconnected. I think the RPi's are pretty tough - I thought I fried mine when a screw fell onto the board while it was running, it reset but was still fully functional after I powercycled it.

Can you connect your pi to a router with physical connection and SSH in?

there are many possibilities. I would first try a fresh install on a spare/new SD card with raspbain from Raspberry Pi (In both pis) Next check power supply is enough, especially for the 3b+
Make sure HDMI is connected and the monitor is on before connecting the power supply. (For testing and initial set up)
Good luck