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is anyone else having difficulty with Thingiverse downloads there seems to be a big difference from files to the analytic page

Mine seems to be counting every view of the files tab as a download.

Yes I noticed the same thing. Under the files tab it shows more downloads than down at the bottom next to views. Glad its not just me... I think its counting the thumbnail views as a download.

When you view the analytics page you are NOT viewing the total history of your 'things', there is a date range applied at the top.
It is by default set to the last month, if you extend the date range out to include your very first 'thing' then you get a far better picture.

If however your issue is the rather skewed figures appearing on Thingiverse, where number of downloads can exceed number of views views (impossible of course, they can only match at best), then there are many threads discussing this issue and similar problems/bugs that have been spotted, here's one as an example ->


Hope that answers your question.

yes i know that its not a date range thing its probably the A.P.I code thats gon a bit funny i have already contacted thingiverse and they are looking into it . the problem for me has only existed for the last month but i wanted to know if i was the only one as i dont want to have to tear my
computer apart to fined the problem

I just noticed it when I uploaded some new things last week on the things page. Also stuff that was getting downloaded 30 or 40 times a day just stopped altogether on my analytics page maybe a week or two ago and that seemed pretty strange. Starting around 11/13 I went from around 150-200 downloads a day to 12 or 13 while the page views stayed consistent.

Yeah I noticed the same thing, starting about the same time (about 2 weeks ago). However, this has happened to me in the past. During my first handful of months of membership to this site my dl numbers were much lower, that got fixed for a while, now it is back to low dl #s. I never posted about it because tbh, because I never lost any sleep over it.

I'm far from a web expert, but I figure there may be a valid reason for some things to have dl>views... if other sites are able to link direct to the file, and offsite references aren't counted as views, that could happen.

And I thought that people got tired of my stuff.

How the hell does this comment exist here!?!?

2013 comment on a post just made?? Thingiverse must really be falling apart at the seams. Slap together more spaghetti code to hold it together guys.

I thought it was random crap, I DIDN'T spot it was from over 5 years ago . . . . . . . . <:O